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Sigourney Weaver Spreading Belo Monte Dam Awareness With 'Defending the Rivers of the Amazon' [VIDEO]

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Referred to as an ecological disaster on par with Avatar by none other than director James Cameron himself, details about the construction of Brazil’s Belo Monte hydroelectric dam continue to unfold with each passing day. Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva claims that even he was uncertain that the 3.75 mile long dam could benefit his country but insists that it “is a victory for Brazil’s energy sector.” Yeah, but what about the environment?

Despite countless protests and a huge question mark surrounding the actual economic viability of the multi-billion dollar project, it has still been given the green light. Some believe that the deeper reason why the eco-cons of the dam have been dismissed is due to the potential income that the country can generate by diverting some of the hydroelectric power to the Pará and Maranhão aluminum smelting mines (both of which produce a sizable amount of raw bauxite, necessary to create the final aluminum resource).

Cameron continues to actively spread awareness about the consequences of this project, most recently with his short feature film, “A Message From Pandora”, and now Sigourney Weaver is following suit. No stranger to rallying on behalf of the Amazon, the Avatar actress can now be heard narrating a new cutting edge Google Earth video/3D tour of the 500 square kilometer area region that is destined to be altered by man. Entitled “Defending the Rivers of the Amazon“, the film offers a visual representation of how damming the Xingu River will result in significant environmental and social changes.

Anyone who has even a minor shred of sympathy for the biodiversity of the region and/or the uncertain future of its indigenous tribal people should seriously consider exploring the Amazon Watch website, signing their “Stop the Belo Monte Monster Dam” petition and Tweeting/Facebooking the heck out of this article so we can put pressure on Brazil’s government to stop the madness before it officially begins. Time is of the essence, so please take a few minutes to spread the word!

Via Amazon Watch

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