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Oh, have you heard?? Veg is where it’s at, and if any one entity deserves the credit, the factory farming industry should rightfully take a bow.  Thanks to our global penchant for raising an insane number of animals for human consumption, the greenhouse gases that are continuously released have resulted in a rather toasty planet.

The United Nations recently acknowledged that it would be extremely wise for us to put the breaks on our production and consumption of animal based protein in favor of limiting or cutting meat out of our diets altogether…or perhaps even noshing on equally protein-rich yet far less environmentally polluting insects. Suddenly, crisp, good-for-you veggies sound incredibly lip smacking good, don’t they?

As the Meatless Mondays campaign continues to pick up speed and typically meat-centric celebrity chefs like Mario Batali embrace ‘vegetable butchers’, our culture seems to have a new appreciation for the finer flavors of the produce rainbow. Perhaps that’s why we care so much about the fact that the chef of New York City’s vegetarian & vegan-centric Dirt Candy scored a coveted spot on Food Network’s Iron Chef.

This probably wouldn’t have happened 5 years ago, and yet in 2010, Amanda Cohen was given the opportunity to “put a different face on vegetarian food” by treating vegetables “as seriously as chefs treat pork.” Up against chef Masaharu Morimoto, they both prepared entirely meat-free creations, but in the end, only one reigned supreme. To see how it all went down, take a gander at Cohen and Morimoto in action during the rebroadcast of their showdown on Food Network, set to air multiple times in the upcoming week, or dispense with the suspense by viewing the battle right here!

Via New York Eater

  • Mo

    I don’t understand why The Food Network doesn’t have a vegetarian chef show! I adore tFN, but I do get sick of all the meat-centric meals prepared on every show.

    • David

      Have you written to tFN and told them this?

      They obviously don’t think a vegetarian chef show would have enough of an audience to justify it. But if enough people wrote showing an interest then they may decide to give it a try.

      • Vasu Murti

        I would nominate Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of Compassionate Cooks as Food Network’s first vegan chef. As the author of two award-winning vegan cookbooks (and a third one on the way!), Colleen Patrick-Goudreau teaches vegan cooking classes here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has a dedicated following of vegans, vegetarians, and vegan wannabes; listening to her podcasts and receiving her e-mail updates.

        Colleen Patrick-Goudreau can be reached at:

        Compassionate Cooks
        PO Box 18512
        Oakland, CA 94619
        (510) 531-COOK

  • jane

    it’s about time! I love the food network as well but have to turn it off when they’re boiling lobsters or doing any of that cruelty cooking. if they would only put on more vegetarian program to show people how exciting and satisfying non-meat cooking can be!

  • Dan

    Contact the networks, call the talk shows, write letters to the editors, lobby your reps, post veg comments, and live your life as a powerful example!

    For more info about the *many* benefits of vegetarianism, please visit (and share) Eco-Eating at and The Vegetarian Mitzvah at