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prince charles, solar, ecoDespite his WTF decision to send his herd of dairy cows to the slaughterhouse in order to keep his carbon footprint in check, Britain’s Prince Charles is generally a pretty thoughtful chap with regard to Mother Nature’s creatures. And he’s certainly the reigning monarch of sustainability, whether via the eco-renovation of his Romanian farmhouse property, 24 year commitment to organic farming, tireless work promoting environmental issues such as his water conservation-themed ‘Snub The Tub’ campaign or the facilitation of eco-charity through his upcoming “Garden Party To Make a Difference” at his personal crib Clarence House from September 8 – 19.

The 61 year old, who is attributed with personally reducing his carbon footprint at each of his four residences by 4% and also boosting his use of green power by 22%, is taking Clarence House in an even more efficient direction. The 19th century dwelling – which was deemed carbon neutral three years ago due to such efforts as using household grey water to irrigate landscaping and installing low-energy boilers – will soon be fitted with 32 rooftop solar panels, generating 4,000 kilowatt hours of energy annually (estimated to be the same amount consumed by a typical household each year).

Prince Charles is reportedly footing the $46,500 bill himself and any excess energy produced could potentially earn him roughly 63 cents/41 pence per unit (a reminder of how it definitely pays to green up one’s act). Hmmm, the first question that springs to mind is: ‘How long is it going to take for the Obama administration to follow suit (just like Jimmy Carter did in the seventies) by setting a positive clean green energy example for America?’ Charles is more than fulfilling his role as a figurehead  ‘for a purpose’ — to tackle global warming. Wonder when our government is going to catch on…

Via USA Today