by Elizah Leigh
Categories: Film/TV, Home.

Quite like silky-smooth chocolate and peanut butter or creamy yogurt topped with granola, Hollywood and environmentalism are two great green tastes that just go together. It wasn’t always like that, but the tides have been turning in favor of Mother Nature, from awards ceremonies bursting at the seams with sustainable touches and the Avatar box office king being outspoken about running a green movie set to solar powered productions and the adoption of the GreenProductionGuide database.

If you had a chance to review our previous article on the eco-themed efforts of six major Hollywood studios, then you’ve already got a decent background on Sony Pictures’ sustainability efforts.  While diverting 80% of their waste away from the landfill and composting organic matter whenever possible certainly add to their bottom green line, the studio upped the ante in a big way by building two 100,000 square foot LEED Gold certified offices along with a new parking lot.

What that means in layman’s terms is that Sony’s new structures passed very high standards for “water, energy and atmosphere efficiency; material and resource selection and indoor environmental quality.” Some of the features that make their new offices outstanding from an eco-perspective include:

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