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michael bayHow to make a story have more “boom”? Add Michael Bay to the mix.

The famous director known for blowing up the world in movies like Transformers and Armageddon has offered a $50K reward for the arrest and “successful prosecution” of the now infamous Bosnian puppy-throwing girl. The previous reward dangled out there was $2K from PETA. From his official website:

“There is a disturbing video going around the news outlets. It’s a video of blonde young woman in a red sweatshirt casually tossing squealing puppies into the fast-moving river one by one.”

“Michael Bay has informed me that he is offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful prosecution of the woman in the red sweatshirt and the person who shot this act of cruelty.”

As Gawker points out, this whole thing could be moot. An apology video from the girl in question is reportedly circulating online — and the gang over at 4chan may have already uncovered her identity.

Either way, no doubt is going to be receiving plenty of claims in the coming days. But hey — nice job stepping up. And if this whole thing is solved, why not take that cash and donate it anyways? We’re sure you could rock some non-profit’s world without having to blow up a single thing.

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  • carrie

    I saw her apology – gee she was so upset about the puppies that she filmed it and posted it online. Another psychopath in training.

    • Delia Shamoon

      She and her partner in crime were really enjoying it every minute of it. I wonder if they are going to enjoy their time in jail.

      • Victoria Minkov

        She is either 12 or 14 y/o. I really doubt she’ll do any time.

    • kathey collins-kurrell

      Yes, she was SO upset that she was saying “Weeeeeee!” as she threw them. Poor thing, Not.

    • http://Care2 Diane Berings

      This girl is sick seeing what she did with the pupies brings tears in my eys. So cruell for a young girl … really sick in mind

    • Jon Rodriguez

      yeah, its a fake

  • Kate Soloveva

    Hope they find her, tie a huge rock to her a** and throw her into a river….but don’t worry, after that, we’ll post an appology.

    • Kathy

      Too Cute:)

    • kathey collins-kurrell

      Well said!

    • Viki

      @Kate…We totally think alike. I love it. A high five, thumbs up, & you rock girl!

    • amin

      you do realise that that comment makes you sould more like a psychopath than she is, don’t you?

  • vladimir tarlo

    I support Michael Bay. He does very right thing. This girl-monster should be charged and punished for her crime. Others like this sadist-girl will think twice. If this girl-killer is forgiven other sadists will continue to do the same.

  • georgina

    Funny how supposedly she said in her video that the sick puppies belonged to her grandmother who then asked her to get rid of them…yet, that family had money to buy a camcorder (are they still called that?) or digital recorder but had no money to take the pups to the vet or spay the mom.

    Sick and twisted. No other words for what those two and their grandmother did if in fact all the things that have surfaced about this case turn out to be true.

    • Victoria Minkov

      I’m originally from Russia and drowning unwanted puppies/kittens is a common thing (unfortunately), especially for people who live in villages. They are not at all educated about fixing their pets and there is not punishment for the crime, cause nobody cares.

      • Walter

        This comment has been removed due to violation of our commenting policies.

    • georgina

      She is one screwed up teenager. Her FB page has all kinds of sick comments toward cruelty to animals.

      • http://globetrotter stephanie l chemaganish

        yes i saw he facebook she is trullly disturb…teenage killer in the making i believe..even if she is a teenager she needs to pay for her crime..what i find terrible about the whole thing is the filming…and then posting it smilling away…now that’s how i know she has a terrible problem…she doesn’t know right from wrong…her facebook page is filled with sexual and animal cruelty…i’m so offened by her behavior…..

  • Angela Stell

    her name is Antonia Miskic – she has a FB page – there are MANY disturbing pics of ANIMAL ABUSE in her page :( it is HORRIBLE!



    • Fanny

      Let’s hope Michael Bay’s offer is taken up and that woman is severely punished. I don’t care what is “normal behavior” in Russia and there is no apology in the world that could excuse what that bitch did.

      • kathey collins-kurrell

        Oh, well said again!

      • gkaiye

        I couldn’t have said it better myself….you rock!!




    I know she is a child, and I may be wrong to say this, but I would certainly not shed a tear if someone were to do to her what she did to those dogs.

    • Viki

      And if they do, they should get the reward money!

    • Beth Weisleder

      I am completely with you,Eco. I simply do NOT care why/how she became the monster she is.She better be taking swimming lessons.
      Her parents must be ‘so proud’of the monster they created.Or was their inattention the initial cause? Don’t know & don’t care. She is clearly a danger to civilized society.

  • Lynn Fisher

    This young lady will someday come face to face with a higher power than a court system that will probably give her no more than a hand smack. I think we need to pray for people like this. This is a display of mental illness and I can only pray she finds the guidance and love she obviously has never had in her life. God help her and her accomplice.

    • georgina

      She is a serial killer in the making.

  • lesley

    Post all the money you want its not going to bring those sweet puppies back just find the bitch and send her down river

  • catherine turley

    trust me… for $50,000, her own mother’s going to turn her in. thank you michael bay!


    God Blesss you for doing this.

    • kathey collins-kurrell


  • sandy weston

    Gotta Love Michael Bay for having the guts to stand up for what is right!! For $50,000 dollars someone is gonna sqeel!! See ya wouldn’t want to be ya! Girl’s in trouble now!!

  • Joey Westhead

    I just went to her FaceBook page. She and other sick, demented people are STILL posting about this unforgivable act.

    It’s just given countless others who are disturbed, animal killers a ‘new’ venue.

    What have ‘we’ taught this world’s children?

    She has NO remorse, what-so-ever and she won’t unless she is brought to justice.

    Thank you Mr. Bay, for stepping up. I hope she is found.

  • Diana Dickinson

    I think that this is the facebook profile that you are looking for and I hope you get her and she goes to jail…some of the pictures that she has on there are disbruting to even myself as a vet tech. I hope that this helps to get her….I wouldn’t mind a little reward if it does. LETS CATCH HER!!!! THOSE DIDN”T DESERVE THAT!!/pages/Antonia-Miskic/150440104985218?ref=ts

  • Erin Elizabeth

    you guys really think this is her page?! i cannot believe facecrook has left it up

  • http://yahoo Brinda Davis

    I can’t believe this story! crazy! Nut job a teen ager did this, WHAT? She needs to be turned in. That is a sick, insane, crazy, scarey, sad, mass murder crime needs punishing behind bars, and some hospital time, maybe meds too/HEAVY MEDS! Animals and people alike are not safe from her on the street. TRUST ME ON THAT PEOPLE! DANGER WILL ROBERSON, DANGER!!!

  • chris b

    Strange how the Facebook account for this person seems to have arrived after the infamous video and I would certainly doubt it’s voracity!

  • Beth Weisleder

    Thank you Mr.Bay. God bless you for caring AND paying to find this monster.It shows a sociopath in the making – she needs to locked up to keep her neighborhood safe.
    I will NOT check out her Facebook page OR give her pathetic attention. She wants recognition for her “life”.
    She is a POS.

  • Holly B Honey

    I was on her face book pg about 3days ago and I reported it as well. Another thing that bothered me was all the people who clicked that they liked her pg.

    • Steve C.

      I believe you have to “LIKE” the page before you can post anything on it, pro or con.

  • Steve C.

    I haven’t seen this alleged “apology”, but it’s obviously without substance. I hope this kid is dealt with soon, before other atrocities occur. Thanks to Mr. Bay for stepping forward!!

  • Linda

    We must do something about that girl. She must be brought to justice for murdering those innocent little puppies. She could simply have given them away to people. It showed clearly that she had no heart…she is psychotic,thus she will more likely kill humans some day. Please look at the history of infamous murders like Jeff Dahmer, Joseph Mesa, and other serial killers. Indeed many killers confessed they started out on pets, and many killed their own pets as children. When children kill pets intentionally it should be a huge warning to parents and the community. According to a 1997 study done by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and Northeastern University, animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes than are individuals without a history of animal abuse. She MUST be jailed and or put in a psychiatric institution!

  • http://facebook Cathy Weigler

    Donate the $$!!

  • Flavia Miralles

    Thank you MIchael Bay. Especially the part about the successful prosecution.

  • Seah Bee Leng

    I hope the murderer of the Singapore Pomeranian can be caught soon. Almost after 1 month, no one came forward even though there were so many witnesses.

  • Whoever…

    An FBI study showed that most of the violent criminals began their ‘career’ by abusing animals…

    Therefore, this is one potential future criminal who must be stopped at all cost before it’s too late!

    I don’t care if this is common practice or not where she lives. I don’t care if someone asked her to get rid of the puppies… what I do know is that she is a monster whose level of consciousness and evolution is much lower than the one of the animals she murdered.

    It’s because of things like this that I continue to defend a worldwide ALF!!!

    • David

      The study that I believe you are talking about doesn’t say or mean what you and many others try and make it say and mean.

      The FBI found that many violent criminals abused animals when they were younger and/or before they committed violent crimes against people. But that doesn’t mean that people who abuse animals are on a path to becoming violent criminals. To reach that conclusion you would have to perform a long term study of people who have abused animals but have not committed other violent crimes and then show that over time a larger percentage of them progress to violent crimes than a similar control group which hasn’t abused animals.

      Similar claims, based on similar bad studies, where made about pornography and sex crimes because most people who were convicted of sex crimes had pornography. But long term studies showed that actually a similar percentage of all people who viewed pornography committed sex crimes when compared to those who didn’t view pornography.

      Video games and violent movies have also been demonized based on similar studies that have since been proven wrong.

      It is now believed by many that pornography/video games acts as an outlet for tensions and pressures that without an outlet can progress to actual criminal actions.

      Abuse of animals may act as a similar outlet actually preventing a progression to more violent crime. I am not saying abuse of animals should be tolerated or that it may be acceptable, because it is still a crime that should be dealt with appropriately. What I am saying is that claiming animal abuse leads to more violent crime is an unproven and very possibly wrong conclusion.

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