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ted danson, everybody loves whales, movieHis portrayal of brawny, less-than-brainy lothario Sam Malone in Cheers is woven into the fabric of our pop culture, however Ted Danson has proven throughout the decades that his range as an actor goes well beyond dumb and good-looking. Whether he stumbles along as a pot-addicted, party-seeking sidekick to Jason Schwartzman on Bored To Death or portrays a corrupt, money-bags CEO on Damages, he always manages to deliver a pitch-perfect performance.

Now that he’s joined the cast of Everybody Loves Whales, his acting prowess will come in handy as a “win-at-all-costs-oilman who has no interest” in saving three trapped grey whales, based on true events that unfolded under Arctic Circle ice back in 1988. The flick, based on Tom Rose’s book ‘Freeing The Whales’, will being filming in mid-September with Danson (one of Hollywood’s most dedicated ocean conservation advocates) rubbing elbows with fellow greenie Drew Barrymore.

For those who aren’t familiar with Danson’s eco-cred, he’s a founding member of Oceana — the international non-profit group focused on restoring the health and biodiversity to our oceans — and has spent a great deal of his free time championing diverse green causes, such as encouraging wind power and protesting offshore oil drilling. How ironic that his new gig has him filling the shoes of the very entity he works tirelessly to oppose!

Via The Hollywood Reporter