by Elizah Leigh
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The 2006 Oscar winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, which pretty much put climate change and environmental awareness at the forefront of our minds, is still considered to be the cream of the crop in terms of educational and illuminating eco-films. As far as we know, Al Gore isn’t busily working on an update, but he may want to whip out a pad and pencil now that Cool It is about to make its debut. Helmed by Yale graduate and two-time Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning filmmaker Ondi Timoner – the same woman behind DIG! and Recycle – there’s great anticipation building for this cinematic experience, probably because Skeptical Environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg plays a large part in the narrative.

Oh…sure you know Bjorn. He’s been in the headlines a lot lately, not only for his, well, skeptical perspective of climate change (made famous in his 12 year old book) but now for his about-face stance on how the planet is actually going to hell in a hand basket. Surprisingly, the Danish-born political scientist and economist says that the reality of our increasingly toasty planet is a challenge that is “undoubtedly one of the chief concerns facing the world today” and believes that comprehensive research and environmental mitigation efforts (at a price tag of $100 billion annually) might put a dent in our woes.

Cool It’s filmmaker is wise to focus on the controversial Lomberg – also an openly gay vegetarian — since he offers the necessary spice that a sobering account of the ongoing climate change saga so desperately needs. Premiering at Toronto’s International Film Festival on September 12, critics praise the fact that “it’s radically structured toward solutions” and could very well trigger “real progress on global warming.” Finally…a film that offers inspiration on how to fix the mess we’re in — sounds like we should all be lining up at the theater when it hits our neck of the woods this autumn!

Via The New York Times