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captain planet, birthdayI don’t know about you, but I literally grew up on Captain Planet. I have fond memories of taking in an episode or two of the environmentally-focused show each day before heading off to elementary school. (Cue: Wonder Years theme music.)

Well, this fall Captain Planet turns 20 and is having one hell of a party (or, parties) to celebrate. The Captain Planet Foundation will launch a series of eco themed events to help raise money and awareness for environmental issues with a grand finale on Dec. 10 at the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.

“When my dad, Ted Turner, created Captain Planet in 1990, he wanted to empower children to make a positive difference in their communities which would, in turn, make a positive difference for us all, said Captain Planet Foundation chair Laura Turner Seydel. “The series broke new ground by merging children’s educational programming and entertainment programming and used fast action and celebrity voices to expand the messages. This anniversary year is a reason to celebrate. But we also need a hero more than ever to support us in raising money for environmental education and the children of the Gulf region.”

The Captain Planet Foundation is dedicated to promoting and supporting high-quality education programs that enable youth to understand and appreciate the world through learning experiences and engage in hands-on projects to improve the environment in their schools and communities.

For more information on upcoming events, visit Happy Birthday, Captain!

  • Trey

    Big thanks for the article Ecorazzi!!! Captain Planet is also getting a commendation from Georgia Governor Sonny Purdue on September 9. This all leads up to September 15, Captain Planet Day, where it’s the 20th anniversary of the world’s first eco superhero, Captain Planet. On Captain Planet Day we encourage everybody to do something new and different to help save the planet. Maybe start an office recycling box, pick up an extra bottle, bike to work-little steps add up to accomplish big goals.
    If you’re on twitter that day we also encourage you to use #thepowerisyours, to tell the world about the one new thing that you did to help the environment.
    The Power is Yours!!