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Earlier this summer, Ecorazzi reported that Prince Charles is planning to host an eco-friendly fashion show at his home to launch Emma Watson’s new Spring/Summer 2011 collection for People Tree. But the lean, green royal isn’t just walking the walk, he’s also talking the talk.

Charles recently sat down with UK Vogue magazine to share his ideas about earth-friendly fashion.

“Vintage clothes and upcycling are just the start because they save scarce resources and avoid waste,” he says. “Fashion clearly makes people feel good, but now it has to do the world good, too.”

The prince goes on to share items from his own wardrobe, including his favorite winter coat, tailored by Saville Row 23 years ago, and a pair of “totally indestructible” shoes made from 18th century leather.

Ultimately, Charles hopes that people will start to reuse or upcycle their clothes and, if buying new clothes is necessary, purchase items made from natural materials.

Are you a green fashionista? Chime in and share your eco fashion tips!

  • Rebecca

    Will he come to Ethical Fashion Show in Paris?? 25 to 28 september!

  • Sonia

    We recently got a Plato’s Closet close to where I live. I love it! Plus it’s so much cheaper than Buffalo Exchange.

  • Remy Chevalier

    Here’s the website for Prince Charles’s new organization:

  • James McAloon


    Great to hear Prince Charles is getting on the Eco Fashion and upcycling case. Now if he could also support some of the smaller businesses who are working to forward the market as well as the established businesses then we would really be making moves in the right direction.

    What do you say Prince Charles? Invite some smaller brands, designers and collaboratives to the event as well…..

    All the best

    James McAloon