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Photo: UNHCR

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Even with the assistance of her main squeeze Brad Pitt and perhaps a few highly trained nannies, Angelina Jolie must still on occasion succumb to the mind-numbing exhaustion that accompanies being the matriarch of a six child household. In spite of what can only be a perpetually frenetic pace of making meals, wiping noses and being a constant source of mom-u-tainment, the Oscar winner regularly fulfills her humanitarian calling by jetting off to third world countries plagued by environmental and social issues. (It must, at the very least, be comforting to know that Brad is holding down the fort.)

Jolie’s latest mission has involved drawing international attention to northern Pakistan’s post-monsoonal flood, which is now considered to be their worst natural disaster on record. Affecting well over 20 million people, the UN Refugee Agency ambassador — who personally donated $100,000 to aid victims – also met those directly affected by the tragedy face-to-face.

Just a few facts to bear in mind:

Despite what seems like a hefty $294 million in emergency funds being dispersed thus far, as with countless other global tragedies, funds end up drying up once the media finds a new story to report about. Unfortunately, that’s the case with the Nowshera region of Pakistan, so if you can find a little bit of money to spare, please consider donating it in support of flood victims.

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