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hugh jackman, wolverineActor Hugh Jackman has just one more to week to make good on a rumored vegan vow.

Here’s the deal: Jackman wrote the foreword to vegan health guru Brendan Brazier’s newest book Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, and in it says, “there’s every chance that I will be a vegan by the time you read.”  The new book comes out on September 14, so the one week countdown has officially begun.

According to the New York Post, Jackman credits a vegan diet with helping him get ripped for his “Wolverine” role in 2009. But wait a second! In 2009, we quoted Hugh telling reporters, “Let me tell you, I’m not vegan. I ate so many chickens to make this body. If there is a place in hell for people who eat chickens, I have booked a suite bigger than anybody.”

But if he didn’t do the vegan thing then why is he writing the foreword? We’re totally confused!

Whatever the case may be, if the rumors are true then Hugh has just one more week to get his plant-based act together.

Do  you think Jackman will go vegan? Chime in and share your thoughts!

[Editor’s Note: PETA even sent Jackman a letter in 2009 informing him about chicken abuse and why a veg diet is much better for him and animals. Hugh may be been influenced by the outcry, as he also mentioned in his interview with The Post, that he was “no longer interested in the ‘at any costs’ part of the equation [when preparing for a role].”]

  • Republic Monetary

    No way, he is not a vegan. I think he’s just writing a forward for a book

  • Tori

    Actually I think he is playing with everyone, which is apparently likes to do. He was quoted recently that he often tells the paps stuff about roles etc. he is going for just to give them something to play with. Don’t know about this forward but . . . he does tend to be playful :)

  • Billy

    Anything for a buck, mate. That’s the name of the game, by cracky.

  • Cindy

    I am green, green, green. I’m vegetarian not vegan. I have been an environmental person for a long time . I have a different take on this. Hugh should be commended. Anyone wanting to do right by the environmnet and animals is a good thing. Be glad we have an ally. Hugh, you are the best for trying. None of us are perfect, including me.

  • georgina

    Yes, but the question is is he or isn’t he? And i remember very well his comment about eating so many chickens when he was preparing to shoot Wolverine, that is not veg* at all.

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