by Daelyn Fortney
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Photo: twitter screen capture

kellan lutz, twitter, puppy-throwing girl

Last week news broke of a young girl wearing a red sweatshirt carelessly tossing six live puppies into a fast flowing river. Twilight actor Kellan Lutz watched the video and took to his twitter to share his disgust.

On Sunday Lutz tweeted, “What is going on with the search for the girl throwing the puppies into the river. I’ve never been so disgusted before. That video is so incredibly disturbing and plain out wrong. Heard Michael Bay put up a bounty for her or info leading to her arrest. Thank you for that, and everyone who is not standing for this. That cruelty and any cruelty to animals helpless or not is unacceptable. I can’t get the crying puppies out of my head.”

Bosnian police have tracked down the young woman—a juvenile—with help of animal welfare groups. Police are not identifying the girl but are working with her parents due to a recently adopted animal protection law that can fine individuals up to $6,400 for animal cruelty.