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Rocking loud and hard is often what they do best, but as eco-awareness continues to permeate our consciousness, we’re also expecting our favorite musical acts to consider how their touring efforts affect our planet as well. There are a few notable standouts such as Sheryl Crow and her hefty environmental rider, Ben Sollee‘s two-wheeled, pedal-to-the-metal tour and Jack Johnson’s eco-tour (100% of the profits which benefit charity), but what are the thousands of other acts out there doing to make the world a greener place?

Now you have an opportunity to satisfy your curiosity by putting Paul Lamere’s new Earth Destroyers app to the test. Bear in mind that there is no exact science to this handy calculation device. In fact, the brainchild behind it acknowledges that his carbon dioxide figures – plucked from a website called Bands In Town – enable him to come up with a rough idea of how far bands travel to reach future gigs but he cautions that it would be wise to “not put a whole lot of stock into that CO2 per show [number] being accurate.”

Alrighty then. Excluding the actual eco-efforts playing out in concert venues (as well as on tour buses and backstage) and focusing solely on the miles traveled between their shows, apparently Sting, teenybopper Justin Bieber, voguing chameleon Lady Gaga are among the top musical eco-saints generating a relatively modest 1386, 1539, and 2553 pounds of CO2 per show (respectively) . On the other hand, The Jonas Brothers are considered Earth Destroyers because they generate 2876 pounds of CO2 per show, which pales in comparison to Rihanna’s 4912 pounds of CO2/show and Bon Jovi’s 9587 figure. For shame!

Via AOL News

  • Remy Chevalier

    What about Bono? Are the U2 tour shirts Edun?