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Ahhh! Now it makes sense. We think we finally understand why Jessica Simpson has been down with the vegan stuff lately.

Rumor on the street is that Jessica has gone vegan (or is dabbling, at least) thanks to her new boyfriend New Orleans Saints’ tight end Eric Johnson.

Times of the Internet is reporting that In Touch magazine broke the story — although we can’t find the original source. Apparently, Jessica’s gone so far as to even hire a chef to teach her how to cook vegan food.

“She barely knew where the kitchen was before. But she is motivated now, because she knows it makes Eric happy,” a source said.

I don’t know. This whole story sounds a bit far-fetched to us, but we’d love to believe it’s true. Do you think Jessica is getting down with the green? Chime in and share your thoughts.

  • whitney

    Can’t this bitch think for herself?

    • Rachelle


      Yeah, first it’s “Real girls eat meat,” now she’s supposedly vegan? Not that people can’t change…but I agree with you. LOL!

  • Lady Lee

    I was wondering how Jess was faring with the veganism since Ecorazzi first mentioned it. Good for you, lady … whatever the reason.

    She does seem to “be inspired” by her boyfriends. Didn’t she dye her hair brown when she was dating “serious rocker” John Mayer and then record a country album while with Dallas’ Tony Romo?