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The sustainable living battle cry is so much a part of Prince Charles’ spirit that he’s embarked on a five day tour of his homeland (including visits to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Carmarthen, Bristol, Todmorden, Nottingham, Manchester and Birmingham) via a cooking fat-fueled train in order to meet-greet his fellow countrymen and spread the good green word.

Unfortunately, there is some controversy swirling around his journey since it’s costing taxpayers £50,000 (=$44,599 USD) to transport the Prince and his royal entourage of 14 using a total of eight train cars. Despite the fact that the vehicle generates 1/8 the carbon dioxide of conventional diesel fueled versions and eliminates the need for expensive hotel accomodations, detractors are displeased with the fact that it is lavishly equipped and perhaps sends a double standard about how everyone but royalty should modify their lifestyles to help save the planet.

Still, Camilla’s hubby asserts that “however awful the predicament we face with climate change and the unsustainable use of resources that keep us all alive, we aren’t going to get anywhere by telling everyone they need to stop doing things.” Instead, he prefers offering inspiring lifestyle suggestions through his Start initiative as well as his 12 day Garden Party To Make a Difference (which is already in progress) and has taken extensive measures to green up his own personal efforts. Haters gonna hate.

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  • Cheryl

    The British pound is stronger than the dollar. 50,000 pounds is equivalent to almost 77,000 US dollars.

  • Kevin

    Tru dat, Cheryl, and perhaps as importantly, the vast majority of British pound notes are not green. Headline pun fail.