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Photo: Ecouterre/Photo by Titania Inglis

Feel like giving fashion a high-five by opening up your wallet? This Friday, September 10, be prepared to throw down a little green (or a lot) in support of the second annual Fashion’s Night Out, a global retail stimulus program cleverly cooked up by Vogue editor, Anna Wintour, in response to the challenges the recession has placed on the industry.

Meant not only for the well-heeled but also for those who are (at least these days) pinching their pennies, everyone from designers and retailers to major fashion houses are offering parties galore, special discounts and prizes to stimulate consumer purchases.

If you’re planning on hitting the streets of New York City in anticipation of the launch of Fashion Week, you might be interested to learn that Fashion’s Night Out is taking on a particularly green hue with the following fun free events offered at Brooklyn’s Textile Arts Center in conjunction with Ecouterre: (bear in mind that there is a $10 suggested educational programming donation)

For complete details on the above eco-fashion festivities, please click here and if you’d like an inside peek into what goes on behind the scene’s of Fashion’s Night Out, Vogue has a pretty slick video available for your viewing pleasure.

Via Ecouterre

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    As the original ‘green diva’, it is flattering to have such a fuss on my behalf . . . ;)