She’s made some bold career moves (including pulling a Demi by shaving her head for 2006’s V For Vendetta) and also transitioned from being a longtime vegetarian to a straight-up vegan in 2009 after reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s much-discussed book Eating Animals.

Not surprisingly, Natalie Portman’s impact has extended well beyond the entertainment world given her commitment to activism and work with micro-lending organization FINCA International, which empowers those with compromised financial backgrounds to still pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations.

The one-time Té Casan vegan shoe and handbag designer (a line which unfortunately met its demise at the end of 2008) is now going to celebrated at Variety’s Power Of Women event on September 30th along with several other lovely leading ladies who have made a positive charitable impact.

Among Portman‘s fellow standouts, Ecorazzi readers might be interested to learn that Diane Lane is also being honored for her work with Heifer International, an organization which attempts to end global hunger by offering those in need livestock, the offspring of which is then donated to additional families to help break the cycle of poverty.

They’re in good company with Jennifer Garner (who works with Save the Children), Eva Mendes (an Art of Elysium supporter), Amy Adams (a fan of the Ghetto Film School) and Katie Holmes (who has campaigned with the Dizzy Feet Foundation).

Congratulations ladies — you’re doing George Clooney and the new charitable-themed Dear Mr. Clooney website proud ;) !

Via Los Angeles Times