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NBA legend/ reality television star John Salley isn’t a shy man. In fact, he’s downright outspoken when it comes to his health.

John recently sat down with our pals over at for an exclusive interview about his plant-based diet and workout routine.

In the video, Sally shares his journey from Standard American Diet to macrobiotic, vegan, and finally raw vegan. The reason: health, spirituality and because he felt it was up to him to be “the mirror.”

The basketball star also talks about his time on reality television and how his peaceful way of life helped him survive.

Check out the video below to hear Salley in his own words. We know you’ll love!

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    I don’t get it. How is being Vegan healthy for the planet?

    • don miguelo

      That’s correct. You don’t get it.

      • Journey

        Don, its exactly that kind of attitude that turns people off from our lifestyle. if someone is obviously interested in being informed, then offer suggestions or simply keep your nasty comments to yourself

      • don miguelo

        JOURNEY. You are correct, I had assumed that this(ISPs in my Area) was the usual razzi troll being antagonistic. That would be my response if that is what was going on.
        Maybe I misread the tone of their post, and they actually want to know the answer to that question, it’s possible on 2nd glance! IF that is the case, and they are “obviously interested” as you say, I apologize.

        There are so many ways that being vegan (or vegetarian) helps the planet that they are too numerous to list here, but here’s off the top off my head:

        The ratio of feed needed to grow farm animals versus how much would be needed to sustain humans is insane. Why not just grow enough grains and vegetables to feed the entire world, rather than make a ton of methane producing farm animals that feed not even half?

        Fast food culture is built around meat. Think of the changes (production, health, societal) that would happen if it was all vegan!

        I feel like putting them down here is a disservice, you should really google some websites up or read John Robbins books.

        Again, sorry if you were honestly asking that question, I may have misunderstood your intent!

        Thanks, Journey for double-checking!

    • lisa

      read The Food Revolution by John Robbins. That will answer all your questions.

    • Quiana

      Animal agriculture makes a 40% greater contribution to global warming than all transpertation in the world combined; it’s the number one cause of climate change.
      *Just one example :)

  • Dombom22

    Its really great to hear a NBA star talk about how they can be a vegan and still perform as an athlete….I thought it was a little intense equating negative energy to non vegan food, but i like how much he values his body and cares for it.