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Even though Daryl Hannah lives off the grid on a sustainable solar-powered farm in Colorado, the actress is convinced she can do even more for the environment so she signed up for a two-week course on permaculture in Queensland, Australia.

The sustainability classes are designed to teach individuals how to design human settlements in a fashion that mimics our natural eco-systems.

“Obviously, we are facing a time of great crises; we are in the middle of probably the biggest extinction in recorded history,” says Hannah. “We are pretty much at peak oil (use) and we have over-population. Permaculture is one of the best tools that I know in terms of understanding our place within that system and still do the things we need to do, like grow food and collect water… (It’s) a more sane way of living in harmony with our environment.”

Later this month, Hannah will present a keynote address at the 2010 Australasian Permaculture Conference in Kuranda.

  • Kathryn Ellen

    Permaculture Design creates the opportunity for us to use all of our creative potentials to rise to the challenge of solving the needs of human settlement in a way that unites the natural landscape with the landscape of culture.

    Permaculture designer and teacher Larry Santoyo reminds his students that “everything is solvable” and that we don’t need to wait for anyone to be born- we who are here are the ones who can solve the issues facing us today…

    If you’re in Los Angeles, you can learn more by joining us for EarthFlow’s 10th production of the LA Permaculture Design Course- learn simple strategies for a sustainable society now.

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    Or, join us for a two intensive hands-on permaculture design course this October on an organic farm in the coastal hills of San Luis Obispo County: