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Nissan has released their latest commercial for the upcoming all-electric LEAF — and as we mentioned earlier, it features a polar bear searching for answers as to why his world is melting away. (Somewhere, Knut the polar bear is upset he didn’t land this gig.)

Check it out below (and yes, that’s Robert Downey Jr’s voice you’re hearing at the end).

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  • Victoria Klein

    Awesomely cute :D

  • Sonia

    So you’re going to raise awareness for endangered species by using one in a TV commercial…how does that make sense? They could have done CGI. That’s like when a book about environmental and “green” issues isn’t printed on recycled paper.

  • whitney

    Yeeeah, the animal rights community gets up in arms over the Dodge/monkey ad but we approve this commercial because it’s for an eco friendly car? Way to stay consistent, guys. Side note: AWW I WANT TO HUG A POLAR BEAR XD!!!

  • kamper

    Here is the ad re-edited with an alternate ending.

  • Will

    That commercial is ridiculous. So if you don’t buy that car we are killing polar bears. What a crock. I really hate polar bears now.

  • alisha n. eagan

    I absolutely fell head over heels in love with this commercial. I saw it once and am already thinking long term changes I can make to accommodate. Sometimes its things like this that can slap ppl into reality and that’s EXACTLY what this did for me!!!!

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  • Jennifer June

    Sooo… is it weird that this commercial makes me sad?

    The bear is hugging him why? A car is a car. Humans are destroying the environment and it’s our fault that bear is endangered.

    Am I the only one who finds it kind of SICK that people are making money on endangering this species and then making money off of making it appear CUTE?????

  • huguette

    i love that commercial, well done ,wake up peoples,the reality ,we all abuse the planet ,
    get the messages read the fine line in this commercial.

  • Room Nine

    Our grade 3 class discussed this commercial, and we think that it is kind of lying to people. This is because electric cars get their electricity mostly from Nuclear Power Plants, and Coal Burning Plants, which both pollute. Also the electric battery causes pollution when it is manufactured. So just because there is not exhaust coming from the car when you drive it, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t actually polluting. Therefore, you’ll still be killing polar bears by destroying their habitats. Maybe people should just buy bikes instead. We also agree that it is wrong to be using endangered animals to be trained for filming commercials. We’re all 8 years old, and we’re smarter than this… shouldn’t adult be smarter too?

  • RebootTheMedia

    The new casualty of our reckless environmental habits is not the Native American traveling through a littered countryside, but the polar bear adrift in a melting Arctic. But now, instead of sorrow and admonition, the ad bathes us in a profound and touching gratitude for our commitment to the environment.
    Gratitude Is The New Vehicle:

  • Angela Gou

    I had this also experience, Ed, and also did the battery alternative. Worked for a whilst, but eventually had a similar problem. I’m sure each successive generation is more preferable, but now I’m pissed down! So I moved onto a Nomad + Askjeeve Music and I’ve been happy thus far. Angela Gou