Who was it who said that being green isn’t so easy? That’s right, a cute little hand puppet, but here’s a reality check, Kermie. We’ve actually made such sweeping advances on the eco-front that consumers can now drive, shop, dine, decorate, and even couch surf on a planet-friendly wave of ever-lovin’ greenosity. Those who want to learn how to make sustainable lifestyle changes or simply just expand their range of green-themed knowledge can plunk down on the couch and get lost in the eco-themed programming offered by the Discovery Channel (Shark Week and Great Migrations, anyone?) or Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel.

Here’s a heads-up for fans of the network famed for its insect porn and lazy environmentalism. Redford is kicking things into eco-overdrive with their upcoming season of Iconoclasts, which profiles many of the individuals who have been an integral part of Ecorazzi’s hallowed halls for years.

Take a look at this site for more information on the line-up and here’s a sneek peek at the upcoming season to whet your appetite.

Via Talk TV World