by Elizah Leigh
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The greenest Snoop Dog effort we know of to date is likely his infamous exchange with Martha Stewart last year when, during a brownie-baking segment, he declared that he liked his chocolatey morsels free of sticks, seeds and stems, adding “the greener, the better!” There’s also his personalized video pitch to Al Gore just last month, promoting — surprise-surprise — worldwide acceptance of a different type of green.

He may not be the most legitimately eco-savvy celeb on the block but he’s been exercising his philanthropic values lately with a new 7-Eleven partnership. The rapper follows in the footsteps of various musical predecessors by lending his name and creative touch to their “Coffee Cup With A Cause” promotion, which ensures that at least $250,000 will be donated to his Los Angeles-based Snoop Youth Football League.

Serving inner-city children between the ages of five and thirteen, Snoop Dog’s six year old non-profit organization enables participants to enjoy a safe refuge in which they can channel their energy toward something positive. In fact, four children have moved on to NCAA Division1 colleges, so the combination of youth football, self-respect, academic dedication and discipline is clearly working. Head over to 7-Eleven for any one of their hot beverages if you’d like to support this worthy endeavor. Fingers crossed that the cups are made with recycled plastic!

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