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Photo: Franc Fernandez

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We’re not sure if award shows have a policy regarding fashion sanitation, but after this little reveal on Lady Gaga’s meat dress, they may want to.

We had previously heard that the dress wasn’t real — and was just made to look like the raw meat Gaga slathered on for her Vogue Japan photo shoot. Turn out, in a rather disgusting twist, that it was the real deal.

The designer, Franc Fernandez, told MTV Style that the dress was made with meat from the local family butcher. As we wrote about earlier, Gaga told Ellen Degeneres that she did not mean to offend with the outfit, but instead intended to make the statement that she is not a piece of meat.

Yea, ok. But a real meat dress with matching real meat purse and chapeau? That’s just disgusting.  As one commenter hilariously wrote over on US Magazine’s site, “PETA congratulated GaGa by sending her 2 lions and a bottle of A1.”

More pics of the dress below, courtesy of Franc Fernandez’s blog.

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  • birdgherl

    She could have used faux materials and actually made a number of important statements including not being a piece of meat (which is arguably perpetuated by Gaga herself) but also about how meat destroys the environment, our bodies, our children’s bodies and so on. This was a terrible miss on many levels.

  • Bencat1000

    If she was looking for controversy, she got it. But she also got a lot of people grossed out and disgusted in her “statement”. While her music is interesting, she as a person, is not interesting. She makes no sense, making a statement against being labelled “a piece of meat”. Her videos constantly portray her as a piece of meat! What ridiculous hypocrisy. She could have used the shock value to make a statement about our society’s insensitivity and wicked violence toward living, breathing animals. Rather, it was all about herself, at the expense of millions of abused living beings who are treated like a piece of meat. Gaga crossed the ethical line….we are not fans of the Gaga anymore.

  • gravel

    Don’t act like a “piece of meat” and people won’t think of you that way.

  • don miguelo

    How much more predictably “Hollywood” could she be? That’s the ironic thing here.

    P.S. I can’t help but look at this thru the Invader Zim lens after seeing the episode “Bolognius Maximus”. Tell me you have seen this.

  • Rachelle

    Can you imagine how she must have smelled wearing dead animal flesh for hours? ICK!!

  • Rose

    You have to actually be attractive & desirable to be considered “a piece of meat”… Gaga is neither.

  • Ayu

    So disgusting, gross, cruel to animal, and I don’t like Lady Gaga even more due to this.

  • Hope ? Justice

    I watched it on youtube.
    Obviously it’s cool to make a scene and push the envelope… but dude.. she’s really contradicting herself, and the ignorance is pouring off of her, hair by fake plastic hair.
    I just hate how people like her and Madonna try to make a whole public scene or image and then say they’re doing it for the peoples rights, or for a better world or whatever, when contributing to the meat and dairy industry and every aspect contained is probably, no, most deffinitely, THE top killer of our planet atm, and that has everything to do with peoples rights.. After all, what are we without our planet?
    They desperately needs to be re-eductaed!
    One Love!

    • Artist Suzanne

      This is so amazingly disgusting. People are dying from starvation even in Los Angeles and New York City. I hope she makes a biiiiiiiiiiiig donation to homeless shelters and Peta. How can a person be so out of touch?
      Is anyone going “Ra Ra” for Lady Ga Ga?
      Grow up Goofy Ga Ga and fight for social justice!

      Artist Suzanne

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