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When you hear “country music star,” you might not necessarily think vegetarian diet. However, you’d be surprised at how many Nashville darlings rock a planet-healthy diet, including, of course, megastar Carrie Underwood.

Underwood appears on the cover of October’s Women’s Health magazine and inside dishes about her “very health conscious” lifestyle. She also talks about what sparked her decision to go vegetarian.

“ I’m a vegetarian because I love animals”, says Underwood. “I grew up on a farm and they were all my pets, so the thought of me or someone else eating my pets kinda freaked me out at a young age and ever since then I’ve quit eating meat and I feel amazing.”

Do you think Carrie is a good spokesperson for the cause? Chime in and share your thoughts on the southern superstar!

  • Ethan Ciment

    I’m glad Carrie loves animals but she’s vegetarian and not vegan. Advocating vegetarianism instead of veganism as a response to empathy for animals (i.e., “the thought of me or someone else eating my pets kinda freaked me out…” allows people to focus on aspects of Carnism and not animal USE. The milk, dairy and eggs that she consumes and the leather, wool or silk that she wears as a vegetarian have every bit as much impact on ensuring that her “pets” live a life of tormented confinement, rape and torture that will inevitably end in the same abattoir as the unfortunate animals who are slaughtered more immediately for their flesh and hide.

    Vegetarianism isn’t a gateway to veganism.

    Vegetarianism is just a different kind of diet- a more restrictive one than an ominvore’s perhaps, but one that still heavily relies on the non-consensual use, enslavement and death of animals. Carrie should go vegan, just like everyone else. It’s the morally right thing to do for the animals, for her health, and for our Mother, Earth.

  • Emh

    I’d find her quotes a little less disingenuous if she hadn’t signed up to be a spokesmodel for Proctor and Gamble. If she’d said “I’m a vegetarian, because I don’t like eating meat” it’s one thing, but to say it’s because she loves animals, yet she reps a company that tests on animals. It makes her seem like a hypocrite.

    • gravel

      I didn’t know that. Maybe if you get the facts of their animal testing to her she will rethink signing anymore promotional contracts. I do believe she loves animals.
      One step in the right direction is better than none at all.

  • Sonia

    She also wears leather. So, no. She is not a good spokesperson. As I have stated every single friggin time you post an article about how awesome she is!

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  • Maynard S. Clark

    I don’t think that giving CHECKS to animal shelters is evidence that she is an activist for animal RIGHTS. I believe that it’s evidence that she funds animal shelters, but as good as amelioration is, does that transform the legal underpinnings of a society that (a) dismissively exploits animals AND (b) consistently trades off the rights of one set of groups of persons for the interests of the others (as in FEEDING domesticated animals).

    She may be representative of the health benefits of plant-based diets, but I don’t think that celebrities as such as really spokespersons for vegetarianism, which can be either (a) value-neutral or (b) a deep expression of concern for others.

  • herwin

    I wouldnt say she is a good spokesperson because she doesnt know too much details as my fellow vegans have pointed out.
    HOWEVER she makes a great vegetarian rolemodel and her being an outspoken veggie gives vegetarianism a very positive and bright image, unlike my fellow vegans who are ab-so-lu-te-ly right in their nitty gritty criticism, their facts and their ethics, but undoubtedly will scare away many aspirant would-be veggies with their “you have to be perfect or we will club you to death” approach, and so in the end less animals will be saved from a cruel life in a factory farm.

    A meateater with a nice smile will have more influence on other people than a veggie who is ethicaly right and isnt afraid to loudly say so.