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Proving that being an heiress definitely has its fringe benefits, Paris Hilton has somehow managed to eek herself out of yet another tight spot just weeks after her Las Vegas felony cocaine arrest, being offered a plea bargain that will likely result in probation rather than a minimum of one year in prison.

The 29 year old — who collects designer duds just as enthusiastically as she does animals (including two cats, two monkeys, seventeen dogs, two ferrets, a mini pig and a goat) – now seems to be quietly celebrating her eminent freedom by throwing some positive karma out into the universe. After learning that multiple rabbits in a pet store were destined to be used as ‘feeders’ for snakes, she rescued not one but twenty of them.

Anyone who follows her Twitter feed can see that amid shameless self-promotional posts and random pop culture references, Hilton cites her love for animals endlessly. In addition to posting countless photos of her ever-growing menagerie (including a baby opossum and massive mansion for her hamster), she recently spilled the beans about the latest long-eared additions to her family in a series of tweets and photos.

Some criticize the well-heeled blonde for regarding her animal family as disposable as last season’s purse (including PETA), but judging from her recent comment that animals “are such beautiful creatures and make the world a better place”, we can only hope that she takes her growing care giving responsibilities seriously.

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    Remember that DOGS AND CATS EAT MEAT, TOO. So it is HYPOCRISY to applaude someone who saves bunnies from serving as food for snakes, but has lots of cats and dogs for the food of which MANY OTHER ANIMALS ARE KILLED.

  • imforthewhales

    Good on her anyway.

  • vegangirl

    Paris Hilton…animal lover????
    What a good joke !
    I m sure she still wears fur coat and she has no respect for animals.
    I can’t believe she has totally changed

  • rita

    she wears fur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!