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We so hope this story isn’t true!

According to, Heather Mills’ UK vegan eatery VBites might be closing its doors for good. The popular restaurant recently shut down for the winter season, but the news site claims the business is in real trouble and will probably not reopen.

A cafe insider revealed, “I understand Heather has been hemorrhaging money on VBites for a while now. A six month ‘holiday’ isn’t usual.”

Heather, however, says this story simply isn’t true.

“VBites had a great summer, the success has brought us many opportunities to become worldwide,” she Tweeted. “We are so excited to start our franchise projects and spread the Vegan ethics, training classes, cookery classes now our cafe is in its wintery weather season. Keep updated on and thanks for all your continued support.”

Moreover, a note on the website reads, “We have had a fantastic summer and – like many beach cafes across the country – will be closed over the winter so that we can focus on staff training, recipe development and VBites franchising.”

We don’t know what to make of this whole thing, but we sure hope the rumors aren’t true. Fingers crossed that VBites isn’t gone forever!

  • Jennifer S.

    She has become a master at spin. She tried to start a fashion line that after one show faded away, yet she said how successful it was and that she sold all of her “fashions” and more would be coming soon. After Dancing with the Stars she and her partner were going to be performing other places by popular demand, and she and her partner on Dancing on Ice were going to be holding events for corporate downtime, and none of these things ever happened.

    The restaurant was never very busy. I think the most telling though is that in May she transferred ownership to her sister. No matter what the venture she will say it is fabulously successful. She even said this about her marriage a few days before her husband filed for divorce, but her facts seldom are the real truth. I think the worst part in all of this is that the Vbites cafe, which is not a cafe at all, for Hunts Point Alliance is still waiting for the rest of their money/product. They only received about a 1/4 of what they were promised. Nice thing to do to a charity.

    Yes, I have followed her, and yes I’m biased because I’m tired of her getting a free pass just because she is a vegan. She is a nasty piece of work who lies, even at the expence of charities, which I have seen first-hand.

  • Clare

    I’m a vegan and it drives me mad that vegans love Mills purely because she is a vegan. She is driven by her ego not compassion and this whole venture has damaged veganism.Looks like she is more interested in skiing now.

  • Allyson

    This sounds, if you’ll pardon the expression, fishy. The Vbites website had posted ‘Autumn Hours’ a couple of weeks ago which including the cafe closing a couple of days a week, effective Sept. 4th. A few days later, the website had the new hours as being effective as of Sept. 1st. Soon after that, it announced it would be closing after Sept. 11th and re-opening in the spring. It’s as though it couldn’t close fast enough. There have been multiple reports of its lack of patrons, even in the summer months, despite whatever spin Heather Mills tries to place on it. She is the queen of hyperbole (700-3000 covers daily? Really.).

  • Phoenix225

    I do hope the world is now understanding she who (truly) is Heather Mills… This woman spews lies and make-believe at every turn, as well as outrageous claims that are vagrantly untrue — she always has throughout her entire life… One can bet that, if it comes out of Heather Mills’ mouth, it is “not” true (not by a long shot)… And, now, she has put VBites in her sister’s name, as if the world cannot discern that her sister (likely purposefully) does not hold viable collateral, therefore, when VBites officially bites the dust, nothing of Heather’s holdings will be touched, right? Duh — we just can’t figure this out, Heather! LOL

    Vagrantly? In this context, this is a disreputable person who lacks a settled livelihood (at least a settled livelihood acquired on her own)… This especially emphasizes the idea of worthless living, often by trickery, thieving, or other disreputable means — i.e., the quintessential and official definition of Ms. Heather Mills…

  • Lisa

    Wow, so much dislike for Heather, you must all know her personally to write such comments!!
    I don’t know her & I’v never been to her restaurant, but I do know that she’s a woman trying to do the best she can & for that I don’t dislike her, nor am I fan.
    I personally hope the restaurant doesn’t close, as its hard to find vegan eateries…
    If by some chance Heather herself should read these hurtful comments then my comment to her is… Do what you’ve got to do for you & yours & the animals & ignore those who’ve never trod your path. From someone who cant stand hate, dished out by those who believe certain tabloids.

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  • iodinebabe

    VBites has never been popular – there was a small surge of interest when it first opened, as people will always turn up to places connected with someone who’s newsworthy (less so in Heather Mills’ case these days, thank goodness). I know it’s not popular because I live close by & I have a friend who lives opposite, so this is not just hearsay. It was very expensive & overated & not what mums in that area, who take their kids to the ajacent playground, want to be spending on their kids. Nor did their kids what the stuff they were churning out. I hope it doesn’t reopen & that we can once again get a decent cafe on the site. Also, there are plenty of GOOD vegan eateries in Brighton & Hove…!