They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and while Madonna might be slightly hesitant to nod her head ‘yes’ at this moment in time, her mini-wanna be – who just walked away with eight MTV Video Music Awards — continues to wear head-turning fashion statements that make everyone say, “What the?!?”

Sure, Lady Gaga’s much discussed 40 pound meat dress — worn to great effect during Sunday night’s award ceremony — may seem like one of the kookiest getups on record (even butchers have chimed in, criticizing designer Franc Fernandez’ choice of using “cheaper end cuts” amounting to no more than $100), but she’s hardly the first artist to wear some type of flesh for fantasy.

Frankly, the fashion industry has been there, done that along with the DIY world …and come to think of it, so has Ms. Germanotta with her recent meat bikini magazine cover shot.

As far back as 1966, a presumably not-yet vegetarian Paul McCartney – along with his Beatles cohorts – posed as butchers for a limited edition Yesterday and Today album shot surrounded by decapitated baby dolls and butcher cuts to send home their anti-war message.

A few decades later, a 1983 compilation album called All Wrapped Up (from Irish punk band the Undertones), featured a model sporting a flesh frock adhered to her body with a couple of layers of plastic wrap.

So, yes, while Gaga’s dress was reportedly ‘locally sourced‘, that’s about all it had going for it in the originality department.

Via Telegraph

  • Marie

    The Beatles cover was not intended as a limited edition. It was pulled just before release with another cover being pasted over in some cases. They meant it as a statement about the US record company “butchering” the UK version of their albums.
    Paul was not a vegetarian until 1968, reverted to eating meat, and then returned to being vegetarian in the mid to late 70s. It stuck the second time. Ringo is also vegetarian.