by Elizah Leigh
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Enjoying running water, heat, electricity and simple technologies like television, computer and internet access are conveniences that most of us take for granted. These necessities comprise our minimum standard of living, and yet in developing countries, far too many people still exist without a link to the outside world, let alone a safe way to stay hydrated (that doesn’t require walking miles away from their dwelling).

Think about the magic of radio. Yeah, um….what’s the big deal? For those in third world nations, western world stimulation is highly coveted and yet rarely available, but the charitable organization Lifeplayer (formerly operating as the Freeplay Foundation) is determined to change that.  By manufacturing a solar-powered digital 64 gigabyte mp3-enabled wind-up AM/FM radio with three shortwave bands, recording capabilities and a large audience-audible sound system, they’re hoping that their units – available for $80 – $120 USD each – will help schools, governments and health clinics to enlighten and educate those living in rural Africa and other impoverished regions around the globe.

Thanks to the generous behind-the-scenes funding of Oscar winning actor Tom Hanks since 2003, this Lifeplayer device has been thoroughly refined, rigorously tested and tweaked incessantly to ensure that it can stand up to the rigors of regular use. For all of the phenomenal roles that Mr. Hanks has taken on throughout the years, he’s earned a spot on our top 10 list of likable Hollywood figures, but in light of his quiet philanthropic efforts, we dig him even more than peanut butter and jelly. See an older version of the Lifeplayer demoed by the actor himself below, which is still worth checking out just to witness his humorous salesman-like delivery with the perfect balance of genuine heart and soul.

Via VOA News