by Elizah Leigh
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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen actress Isabel Lucas and her is-she-isn’t-she friend, Elissa Sursara were reportedly intending to pool their collective animal rights activism interests on behalf of a documentary called Rights Revoked – but various reports throughout the months have claimed that cracks in their BFF status resulted in a big question mark around the future of the project.

As we all know, bad press is good press, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the whole sordid story of their alleged friendship breakdown was part of a ploy to build anticipation for the documentary. Some media outlets have referenced Lucas’ growing Hollywood presence as the main reason for their rift, while Sursara says that this is a case of media employing “salacious gossip tactics”. Whatever the case, it continues to keep Rights Revoked on our radar.

At this point, the donation-funded film, currently in pre-production, will apparently go on without Lucas’ involvement. In the meantime, the Brazilian-Australian Sursara – who has been deeply entrenched with the WWF, PETA, Wildlife Warriors Worldwide and the World Society for the Protection of Animals will now enjoy some time in the spotlight when a new reality show focusing on her life as an animal activist and film actress hits the small screen sometime next year. Amid all of the fur flying, let’s hope that animals ultimately receive the greatest benefit when Rights Revoked is finally unveiled.

Via Examiner