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Avatar actress Michelle Rodriguez isn’t just a maverick; she’s a full-fledged eco maverick.

We’re excited to hear that Rodriguez will be given the Eco Maverick Award at the Opportunity Green conference this Thursday in Los Angeles, CA.

You might remember that earlier this year Michelle announced she’d be joining Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd on their next voyage to the Antarctic. What’s more, while on the ship, the actress agreed to follow a strict vegan diet.

Rodriguez explained, “I’m not (a vegetarian) but I will have to be because on the ship, it’s a vegan ship – you can’t be a hypocrite.”

Wanna hang out with Ecorazzi, Michelle and a slew of other green all stars? Stop by and check out the details. See you at the conference!

  • Federico

    Good job Michelle! Arriba el poder de las mujeres latinas carajo!!

  • Josh Lamb

    Very cool! Hope she gets more attention to the whaling problem! :)

  • BanTheFurTrade

    This woman clearly states she’s NOT a vegetarian. Sure she’s going vegan to be on the Sea Shepherd crew, but only because it’s MANDATORY. She also wears fur. So, how exactly is she an “eco maverick”?

  • Jessica Dolimont

    Just cause she wears fur from time to time does not make her a monster. Hopefully Paul Watson can change her mind on the issue…plus that interview was done years ago. Who knows her stance now. I just recently went vegetarian for health reasons and realized it’s not so difficult. Perhaps once she starts she’ll stay that way. There are a million different ways you can be an eco maverick and still eat meat. This woman gives and contributes to the cause. She’s an amazing woman and I think she deserves the hell out of this award. GO MICHELLE! You fucking rock and are an inspiration.

    God what I’d do to be able to be on the Steve Irwin this coming season.

  • Jawzergib

    Way to go Michelle! She is such a talented actress and very intelligent young lady who has many endeavors to still achieve ahead of her in the near future. Michelle Rodriguez rocks!

  • bluey

    I heart her. That’s great that she’s getting noticed for her efforts. People only used to point out the few things she did wrong years ago, meanwhile she does a lot of things right………and is finally getting props!!

  • Anthony Falcon

    Good luck!…

  • John

    Eco Maverick – what has she done other than sign up to go out with the Sea Shepherds?