by Elizah Leigh
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The latest issue of Coco Eco Magazine is hot off the press and who’s on it but none other than one of our favorite greenies, the marvelous Lisa Edelstein. Strutting her fantastic veggie self on the cover and throughout the interview in a variety of gorgeous (and no doubt eco-friendly) duds, the newly coupled Dr. Cuddy shines as she shares her perspective on a variety of issues that happen to be close to Ecorazzi’s heart.

Here are the most important eco-causes that she thinks need addressing:

The 28 year veteran of a plant-based lifestyle also has a few handy tips to bestow upon those who are interested in making the transition to meat-free livin’:

If there was ever any doubt whether she really practices what she preaches, suffice it to say that the actress is a huge advocate of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which “saved the lives of over 5,000 animals” when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana in 2005…plus she makes an effort to throw her support behind humanitarian causes, as well.

Want more? Check out Coco Eco Magazine for the full interview with Ms. Edelstein.