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Those with claustrophobia or a fear of heights will be less then pleased with Google’s latest investment in the “Schweeb” human-powered monorail system.

The utopian-looking track system would be constructed in cities and offer users a pod to “pedal” from place to place. Google gave the people behind the tech $1 million to “test Shweeb’s technology for an urban setting”. I think I’ll stick with my bike.

Read more over on Inhabitat.

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  • Beau

    I think I like the idea, but what happens when the person in front of you is really, really slow?

    • whitney

      Then it becomes human powered bumper cars.

      • Michael d'Estries

        And in that instant, I’ll REALLY want my bike. :)

    • david king

      what about the person who used it before you that got all hot and sweaty and the inside got fogged up from his breath. Who wants to PEDDLE, when a motor could do all the work

  • Ash

    You’d probably need 3 lanes like on a motor way with “rest stops” every 2 miles or so
    I like the idea :) Its an incredably safe mode of transportation seeing as the worst you can do is bump into the guy infront and even going Tour de France styl fast thats not going to cause much damage if your in a bubble.
    i say go for it :D

  • xMVince

    I’ve always had this idea when I was younger for getting to a friend’s house quickly. If they can install one all around cities that would be really cool and effecient!