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A few months back, “Glee” actress and PETA-supporter Lea Michele seemed to indicate that her support for the animal rights org could be shown without having to drop her clothes.

“Here’s the thing, I hope I got the word out,” she said in reference to an anti-fur PSA she starred in. “I think you can get the word out there without a huge billboard of [you] taking your clothes off.”

“I [have] got a couple of years ahead of me to do stuff like that but honestly, I really believe in what I was talking about in that ad,” she added. “So I stand by it and who knows what I’ll do in the future for them.”

At PETA’s 30th Anniversary gala in LA this past weekend, the 24-year-old seemed a bit more willing to speculate about her participation in the popular “I’d Rather Go Naked” campaigns.

“I don’t think we need to see a billboard of me naked to know I am anti-fur, but if they asked I would probably do it.”

I’m sure there are some here that would like to see Lea hold her ground on the issue — especially since the use of nudity by PETA is often a divisive topic in the animal rights scene. Sound off below.

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  • Frank

    I have no problem with the ads the majority of them are pretty tame. People like to make a big deal out of little things. The ad are hardly controversial any more anyway.

    Basically I think she just was not ruling it out. Anyway she may not be able to with her contract.

    But really if she believe strongly in a issue I will respect that.

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  • klover

    I have no problem with the ads, either. They’ve always been beautifully done in my opinion. I do, however, have issue with Lea doing one. First, I really don’t wanna see her naked…ever. Second, she’s so wishy-washy on what her beliefs are. One day she’s vegan, the next she says she still sneaks cheese and eats fish regularly. So if she did it it would not serve the cause, only her inflated ego and need for a certain image she doesn’t seem capable or honest enough to live up to.

  • moi

    No need to go naked, just go vegan.

  • Bren Garcia

    Lea Michele is a great actress and singer. Yeah, no big deal for the naked ads.