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With Lady Gaga still making news over her MTV VMA’s meat dress, PETA president Ingrid Newkirk decided to reach out and invite her to a decidedly meatless dinner.

“I’ve written to her privately and suggested that maybe we have a vegan dinner privately somewhere,” she explained during PETA’s 30th Anniversary gala last weekend.

And about that infamous dress — according to the designer, Franc Fernandez, the more than 50lbs of meat that make up the gown will be turned into “jerky” and archived in some great Gaga closet. And no, he doesn’t believe it should ever be worn again.

Finally, something we agree on.

via Vegetarian Star

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  • Johnny

    Lady Gaga should be honored to have dinner with brilliant Ingrid Newkirk.

  • georgina

    When i see women wearing fur it makes me feel enraged and sad, when i see anyone wearing leather i think of the life of suffering the animal whose skin the person is wearing lead, but when i see Gag-a’s dress i just want to puke. That is a truly gross creation.