by Michael dEstries
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Sun Chips has sacked their green compostable bag after only 18 months. Why? Because lots of people thought they were “too loud”.

Frito-Lay said the company will switch back to original packaging made of a type of plastic (that’s not recyclable) for five of the six varieties of the chips. They hope to introduce a better, less-noisy green bag in the future.

Sorry environment — we may not give much of a shit about there being only 12 truly quiet places left in the United States, but when it comes to noisy chip bags, we draw the line.

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  • hil

    What a bummer! It was so nice to be able to put the bags into my curbside compost :(

  • Kathy

    Boo hoo. Everyone seems to be so sympathetic to Frito-Lay, as though they are the only company to try to be green. The fact is, the bag is ridiculously loud. Make it quieter and people will buy it again. Simple solution. We have the technology, I’m sure.

    It’s comical to me all the people who are complaining about the noise complainers. Don’t they know who owns Frito-Lay? Right, Pepsi Co. Do they further know who makes Aquafina? Right, Pepsi Co.

    Doesn’t anyone care about all the bottles Pepsi Co is responsible for putting in landfills? Get yourself a Brita water filter and be done with the bottles! And stop putting Frito-Lay on such a pedestal.

  • Bill
  • Keith

    I think the people complaining about noise are retarted. Who gives a shit if it’s loud! I for one kno what’s goin through my head when I buy a bag. “Come on! Come on u little spiral thing hurry up and push out my bag of chips i’m fricken hungry!” not “Hmmm, I hope this bag isn’t too loud when i get it” It’s really sad to see people care more about the noise level a bag a chips is puttin out then the environment it’s self. Nice to see you care more about yourself than others. You bought chips to eat them, not to listen to the bag, so shut up and enjoy ur chips dumbasses

  • Chris

    Capitalism and the free market at work. The consumers said this is what they wanted, and the company will give it to them.

  • T

    Boooooo I thought so highly of them fir doing that!! This is bs!!

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