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Adrian Grenier, star of HBO’s “Entourage” and eco-activist extraordinaire, had designed a new limited-edition t-shirt with the help of Nautica and GQ’s The Gentlemen’s Fund.

100% of the $25 organic cotton tee will go directly to Oceana — the ocean conservation organization supported by the actor.

Want to win one? We’ve got a tee to giveaway — and will randomly choose someone from the comments below. Just tell us why ocean conservation is important to you!

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  • http://F*& Samantha Harris

    I love Oceana and have been a supporter of their organization and work for awhile now. Go Adrian!

  • Tameesha Holmes

    Oceana reminds us everyday that we simply cannot exist without the oceans and it is our responsibility-actually our privilege-to do everything within our power to do no further damage and to fix what we have broken.

  • kathleen wissenz

    Oceana does wonderful work to help protect our oceans and the animals that call the ocean home. I support ocean conservation because our oceans are a gift from nature and no one should have the right to destroy them.

  • Erin

    Ocean conservation is so important because it’s up to us to preserve all the life and Eco systems that exist in the ocean. Too many people take natures wonders for granted.

  • Jonathan

    Oceana is awesome! Keep up the good work protecting our environment and the earth we live on!

  • Dawn Douville

    Because there is so much left to discover and it enriches our lives. Our existence depends on keeping our oceans alive.

  • Eralyn McLarty

    The marine ‘world’ and marine species are as critical to the ecological balance as land-lubbing species. Groups who protect the oceans and educate thru word and deed are deserve our wholehearted support!

  • Robert Spencer

    I have supported many conservation groups, going back 40 years. Much of our planet needs protection and exploration. The world and its lifeforms can teach us so much. We have “saved” quite a bit, but there is so much more to do. Bravo Adrien and everyone out there who rise to voice and act to save our only home.

  • Meghan Woods

    Fish have feelings too!

  • J Schulz

    Hmmmm… This design is kinda fishy

  • Jolia

    Love the design! We live 1 block from the Pacific and bathe in it often!

  • Michael Ian

    I admit I feel a massive amount of greed when seeing this shirt… and I want it. At any rate, I am happy to have discovered a great organization. I just don’t get why some people think that the water which covers our planet isn’t important. It is a shame.

  • Kat Solo

    An eco t-shirt designed by Vince? Heck yes i want to win one ;D.

    More importantly: the Ocean is an amazing, diverse, beautiful and vital place, and to see it trashed due to human interference breaks my heart. May the word be spread, and action taken so that Mother Ocean may be preserved and flourish :).

  • Tialda

    Cool Shirt!!!!
    To bad I live so far away that sending it to me probably causes more pollution than the proceeds can fix….

  • Tatiana

    Thanks for all the Oceana love, everybody! Great to see our supporters love the oceans AND cool fashion.

    If you are interested in more ocean gear, joining over 400,000 other ocean lovers, or learning more about the oceans, make sure to visit