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Remember the infamous puppy-throwing girl from a few months back? The same on that director Michael Bay offered a reward of $50,000 for information leading to her arrest?

Yea, she’s getting off without any punishment whatsoever.

Word comes to us through a German newspaper who incidentally found out through a German branch of PETA that the case is closed and no charges are pending. The main reason? The girl is 12-years too young to face punishment for the deed — and then there’s also this little piece of the puzzle: a 75-year old grandmother claims to have rescued the pups.

“They are safe and sound and happy,” said the woman in early September. “My only problem is that they need at least three liters of milk a day and I only live on a small pension. But I do not have the heart to give them up.”

PETA, however, isn’t convinced. “This is, in our view impossible,” said Campaign Manager Nadia Kutscher. “The pups of the old woman looked different than on the video. Above all, a little puppy would never be able to survive this.”

When the video first surfaced, massive outrage spread throughout the online community — with the image-sharing community 4Chan leading the charge to track down the girl. According to AOL News, when she was apprehended, Bosnian police told reporters that it was likely at the very least that she (or her parents) would face fines of up to $6,400.

Bosnian law requires anyone who kills or injures an animal to pay a fine ranging from $20 to $5,500 . There’s video proof of intent to kill/injure (regardless over whether they were really ultimately rescued), so how is this crime not punishable on some level?

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  • dw

    Strange story. Was it inspired by that video of a soldier throwing a puppy off a cliff?


    I hope someone drowns that horrid little girl. Anyone who would do something so barbaric doesn’t deserve to breath my air.

    • drewks

      Something so barbaric? What, like drowning a girl?

      You’ve got to see that such comments aren’t very productive . . .

    • ScottandSandra Cannon

      I dont think EC saying that is counter productive, I wish all animal abusers would be thrown off a cliff or drowned. ANYONE who would do something like this will turn out to be a horrible person in the end, actually they already are.

  • Elaine Vigneault

    While her acts were horrid and probably evidence of serious mental illness, as a child she does not deserve the same punishment as an adult. Her brain is still developing and she cannot be said to make rational decisions like that of an adult. What she needs is help. She needs therapy and humane education.

    • al l

      People use that excuse that these kids are just children far too often. It’s a very modern though process that kids are care free and don’t understand responsibility. Hundreds of years ago women were getting married as young as 10 years old and they had responsibilities. In third world countries children are given responsibility at a young age and are often more responsible that kids in the United States who are spoiled. There is no doubt in my mind that this girl fully understood her actions were wrong. Look at every serial killer in history and almost every one of them abused animals as a child. She’s 12 not 3 and she should face adult charges for something this serious. That can be a lesson to all the other kids her age.

      • Arthur Killings

        People at a young age at the U.S.A HAVE A LOT OF responsibilities TOO YOU KNOW.

  • don miguelo

    Bosnia isn’t exactly a place that has a strong tradition of law keeping people from doing bad things. They are still putting in infrastructure and dealing with poverty and crime all over the place. 3 years of war and bloodshed, about 10 years ago, that left 100,000 people killed and more than 2 million displaced has that effect on a place.

    They just put on the kid gloves with her this time. If she gets caught doing something like this with other animals– 12 years or more from now– they will not be nearly so lenient. Unfortunately some other animals will have to suffer and/or die again. If only they had provided like a juvenile detention or something to make an impression.

  • Whoever…

    “The girl is 12-years too young to face punishment for the deed […]”

    Maybe if she kills a human she’ll be off the hook as well!! Pathetic!

    “[…] — and then there’s also this little piece of the puzzle: a 75-year old grandmother claims to have rescued the pups.”

    Yeah right, bullshit!

    And this is what happens for being ‘nice’ and ‘peaceful’ to those who treat animals as objects…
    Right, this way we’ll change things for sure!

    I say eye for an eye!!