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Green race car driver Leilani Munter is a regular around these parts. Super devoted to eco living, animal protection, and, well, just being awesome, Leilani is all about sustainablility.

Munter recently sat down with our friends at Veg News to discuss her trip to Taiji, Japan where she helped Ric O’Barry – star of The Cove — stand up against the brutal dolphin hunt.

“We met Ric in Tokyo, and that’s where we delivered the Save Japan Dolphins petition that contained 1.7 million signatures from 151 different countries since [The Cove] came out,” explains Munter. “I was one of the people who got to go with Ric to the embassy to deliver this petition, and then after Tokyo my husband and I went down to Taiji along with some of the other activists.”

While in Japan, Munter got a chance to speak with community members and explain why the dolphin hunt is dangerous to not just the animals but to the environment and humans, as well.

“What we’re trying to do is get a whole team of people to Taiji, and be there for the whole killing season,” says Munter. “That’s the challenge, and for that reason I’m going back to Taiji in a couple of weeks.”

Jump on over to to check out the entire interview and find out more about what’s happening in Japan.

  • don miguelo

    Again, Thank you Leilani!
    Petition hand delivered, check. Extended visit to Taiji to spotlight issues, check. Making Team to hound them all season, check.

    Is that worth the not green plane flight? I STILL SAY: YES!

    This is getting bigger and better, despite all the nitpicking distractors and bloody events. This is only going to get prevented with ATTENTION– and the naysayers here know it, that’s why they are so vocal about it.

    • David

      Yes, the planet is going to be saved by someone who makes her living burning huge amounts of fossil fuel while driving a car in a circle really fast.

      And actually most of the ‘naysayers’ have no problem with attempting to stop the dolphin and whale hunts by peaceful protest, writing politicians and getting the issue in the media. And many of us agree that is the only hope to get it stopped. Not that it will necessarily work, but it is the only tactic that has a hope of working.

      We have a problem with lying and breaking laws to attempt to stop the hunting.

      • http://deleted don miguelo

        Touchy, Touchy!

        Anyways, remember to go down to your local embassy Thurs Oct 14th and peacefully protest. (DO NOT VIOLENTLY LIE, OUTRAGEOUSLY CALL YOURSELF A CAPTAIN OR HAVE AN OPINION: YOU WILL BE JUDGED AND HUNG BY A JURY OF YOUR TROLLS.)

        Most major city embassies are listed here, just scroll down a bit:

  • Kiwi

    Leilani is back in Taiji right now, another small pod of Risso’s dolphins were slaughtered today, Leilani has pictures and video of that and also her meeting with the Infamous Private Space that she will be posting on her website so be sure to check back regularly for updates from The Cove.

  • Whoever…

    We need more people like her…