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Last week, Stephen Colbert busted SunChips for getting rid of their new biodegradable packaging because…it’s too loud?

That’s right, after receiving numerous complaints that the new SunChips eco-friendly bag is too noisy, the company is going back to their original wasteful packaging. As per usual, Colbert (or the alter ego his portrays on television), agrees with the decision.

“I don’t want my snack packaging to decompose,” says Colbert. “That’s a chilling reminder of my own mortality. My garbage is my legacy.”

Colbert sums up the story with a simple solution: “Luckily we can save the planet from unpleasant sound by using new quiet coal technologies and breakthroughs in silent oil. And if we just do that much, eventually the ice caps will melt, the seas will rise, and our coastal cities will be underwater, where it’s nice and quiet.”

Check out the clip after the jump and let us know what you think about SunChips’ decision to backtrack on their green promise.  Oh yeah, and for those who called to complain that your biodegradable chip bag makes too much noise…just know that we’re in the fight.

  • Livin Veg

    I think the clip was not added by accident. I’m dying to see it. Can you add it to the post?

  • Thomi

    How disappointing and ridiculous of Sunchips. And whoever called in to complain…I hate how annoying people can be sometimes.

  • Cbrooks

    I think the complaints about the sun chip’s bags being to loud are ridiculous. I think that sun chips going back to the original bags is even more ridiculous. I could maybe understand it if the biodegradable ones were a health hazard, but noise levels? Come on people.

  • Nancy

    I agree with the above comments and I think I will complain to sun chips about this and will no longer be purchasing their products (unless they’re noisy again)