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Celebrity or not, we love hearing about eco-friendly celebrations…especially weddings!

This past weekend, American Idol runner up Crystal Bowersox wed boyfriend Brian Walker in an environmentally-friendly ceremony in Chicago, Illinois.

The Idol contestant wore a hemp and cotton blend dress by designer Tara Lynn. Besides using sustainable textiles, Lynn’s studio is powered by solar energy which we think is pretty cool!

What’s more, the laughing Buddha wedding cake was from Bleeding Heart Bakery — a local and organic bakery that features a wide variety of vegan desserts. Yum!

Did you invite Mother Earth to your wedding? Chime in and tell us what made your ceremony green!

  • Elmer Fudd

    “Many years of Happiness to you both, keep that music coming…”

  • Trudee Lunden

    Congrats Crystal! I wish you both a long life together filled with love & bliss. p.s. You should have won AI but it only proves the TV show wants cookie cutter talent they can mold & you are FAR SUPERIOR in every way! xoxo