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Taiji Fishermen Kill Pod Of Dolphins

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The infamous cove in Taiji, Japan has turned red for the second time this season, with local fishermen capturing a pod of dolphins and slaughtering all of the adults.

As with any pod, there were also baby dolphins in the group, swimming close by their mothers in the chaos of the hunt. It was hoped that the Japanese might spare the females, but unfortunately, they were not so lucky.

The babies were let, but the act of compassion, meant apparently to appease those keeping watch over the Cove (most notably Sea Shepherd) backfired.

“Scott West just called me to say that the six dolphins were all babies – young calves whose mothers were killed,” writes Paul Watson on his Facebook page. “The fishermen spared them to demonstrate that they were compassionate but it has backfired. The poor dolphins refuse to leave the Cove because they have no where to go. They are bonded to their mothers and their pod and as orphans they most like will not survive. The Taiji fishermen are trying to force them out of the Cove and back to sea. It is a heartbreaking spectacle. Traumatized from seeing the pod massacred around them and forced to swim in their mother’s blood, they now have no place to go, no protection and no future. The cruelty of this slaughter brings shame to the entire nation of Japan.”

West told the Associate Press he dolphins look confused, “perhaps looking for their parents, and it was unclear how well they will survive.”

Activists around the world are planning an International Day of Protest this Thursday at Japanese embassies around the world. To find out more about how you can help, jump here.

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    Eat more Dolphin!

  • atthewall

    If they want anyone to come they need to change the date from 2010 to 2013?


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