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It’s no surprise to us that Bones actress Emily Deschanel is speaking up in support of World Go Vegan Week — an initiative started by the nonprofit group In Defense of Animals.

Deschanel has been an outspoken vegan for many years and regularly discusses the health, environmental and animal welfare issues behind a plant-based diet.

“The 5th annual World Go Vegan Week is taking place this year from October 24th through 31st,” said Deschanel. “This week is a celebration of compassion and a time to take action for animals, the environment and everyone’s well-being. A plant-based diet not only improves your health, it significantly reduces your carbon footprint and preserves resources for future generations. So please join me in creating a healthy future and go vegan for World Go Vegan Week.”

Are you planning to celebrate World Go Vegan Week? Chime in and share some of your favorite activist activities! Not sure how you can get involved? Stop by and get some inspiration!

  • herwin

    i like to chime !
    Thats nice a World Go Vegan Week . Hbut here in Thailand we have since many decades the annual ten-day national Kin Jay Festival in october. Kin Jay means Eating Jay Food and Jay Food is food without any animal ingredient simply for compassionate reasons towards other living beings the animals.
    For ten days (this year its from oct 7 to oct 17) there is lots and lots of vegan food in the streets, vegan bakery goodies and vegan isles in supermarkets, the 7-11 promotes its Jay foods with posters, bookshops promote veggie cooking books, and even some regular restaurants stop serving meat and are completely Jay (vegan) for ten days . Many people join and dont eat any animal products for a few days or the full ten days. I would say an estimated 12 million thai people join this festival, which makes it the biggest veggie (vegan) festival in the world.

  • barefeet

    Herwin – At first, I thought you were pulling a one-up-contest with your post. Then I realized that it is a little obnoxious that we call our week “WORLD go vegan week.” Maybe we should focus in on making a U.S. Vegan week. We are, as a whole society, the biggest meat consumers in the world. It might be nice to take the log out of our own eye before we focus on the splinter in the eyes of people in other countries. I’m sorry that this comes across as us speaking for the world. We really are behind in developing a morality around what we eat, compared to many other places. We also tend to think that bigger is better. They probably used the word “world” because they wanted to make people think its a really big deal, not because they actually think that there are no other vegan celebrations in the world.

  • herwin

    Hi Barefeet ! Thanks for the reply and no contest here. ;-) Just a greeting and a description of the veg festival here in Thailand that i like to share with others. I think a WORLD Go Vegan Week is a great name and a great festival, i was (happily) amazed to read about this (for me) new festival, so thats why i chimed in, to say that, yeah, october CAN BE a real WORLD Go Vegan Week, since in Thailand in october many (i mean MANY and just ORDINARY people..) people go vegan (its called “Jay” here ; not eating any animal products because “animals have feelings just as we humans”) and even in Japan its the month october that there are two vegetarian festivals (only vegan foods allowed) in Tokyo and Kyoto. The veggie festivals in Japan are kinda inspired by the western vegetarian movement but the Thai vegetarian festival comes straight from the chinese immigrants many decades ago so its quiet unique for me as a westerner to see an authentic veggie festival/
    East and West can learn and crossfertilise from eachother so to speak, and realise that there is really a WORLD vegan festival.
    Enjoy the World Go Vegan Week festival. :-)

  • eco store

    Finally a World Go Vegan We festival! It’d be nice if we could the the following week be a go green festival, followed by a go organic week and go sustainable week :) The we could have a whole month of eco-friendlyness.