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Goats have certainly risen in popularity over the past couple years — especially when it comes to using them as a green (and cheaper) alternative to traditional landscaping services. Google rents them to clear fields at its Mountainview campus (and reduce fire threats), and even Yahoo! hires a herd of over 200 to wipe out invasive weeds. Goat rental companies are popping up everywhere from San Francisco to Seattle — and that’s got Stephen Colbert upset.

In his new feature called “People Destroying America”, Colbert targets landscape goat herders and accuses them of stealing American jobs and giving them to four-legged animals. “Goats, if you’re going to steal our landscaping jobs,” quips Colbert, “humans are going to start producing feta cheese.”

Check out the hilarity after the jump below:

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People Destroying America- Goats Steal Landscaping Jobs
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  • Karolina

    How ridiculous! Instead of worrying about preserving the environment, they worry about the almighty dollar! Eventually, we won’t have any resources left, and unemployment won’t a concern in comparison!

  • Karolina

    And let’s not forget that goats don’t require gas, so no pollution there! Also, they fertilize the grounds naturally (bonus), so it’s definitely a win-win! I’d like to know how 130 goats can replace 130 jobs? More like 5-10 goats a job. Now is the time to discontinue the gas powered machinery and equipment! Because unfortunately, there is no reset button with planet earth!

    • David

      Yes and the company just uses goatherders to walk them from one job to another?

      In most areas there are native groundcovers that work just fine, don’t require mowing (or browsing), support native species and usually require less watering and fertilizer since they evolved to survive under the conditions of that area.

    • herwin

      i agree with you on the goats fully, long live the goats, eh, they are green and mean animal machines, but about the reset button i have to inform you that there IS a reset button and its pushed every couple of millions of years. Last time when it was pushed dinosaurs said bye bye and mammals took over. So planet earth does has a reset button AND SHE IS WILLING TO USE IT !, but its human kind that fails such a handy button OR a device that will keep us going when Mother Earth pushes that button.