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The upcoming 3D network previously announced by partners SONY, Discovery Communications, and IMAX is launching with a nod toward the beauty of planet earth.

Scheduled to premiere in early 2011 are original series “Abandoned Planet”, “Africa in 3D”, “China” and “Jewels of the World”.

That the unnamed network would launch with these shows isn’t surprising given that Tom Cosgrove, Discovery Channel’s chief operating officer and executive VP, is heading it. Not to mention the fact that nature is always an easy sell for showing off the capabilities of any new visual tech.

Check out some descriptions of each program after the jump below.

Abandoned Planet: Explore the strangest places on earth – entire cities now completely devoid of all humanity. This series of one-hour programs sheds light on why people have abandoned the places they once called home and what happens after they leave. Produced by Flight 33 Productions.

Africa in 3D: From Gannet Island and its 100,000 seabirds of the same name sharing one giant rock, the 60,000 flamingos at Kamfers Dam, the Luangwa River and its 30,000 hippos and much more, this series of one-hour programs captures the richness and diversity of the world’s second-largest continent. Produced by Aquavision Television Productions.

China: China’s beauty is little seen, often hidden and always surprising. This hour-long series studies the thronging cities, epic vistas and spiritual heartlands of this huge and mysterious nation in stunning 3D. Produced by Natural History New Zealand Ltd. (NHNZ).

Jewels of the World: This hour-long series gives viewers unprecedented access to UNESCO’s ‘World Heritage’ sites, where the planet’s natural and cultural gems are catalogued and protected, including: the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Peru; the Temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia; and the Grand Canyon National Park in the United States, among others. Produced by Natural History New Zealand Ltd. (NHNZ).

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