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Steve-O might play a jackass on television, but in real life he’s right on point.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, the pugnacious punkster opened up about Breast Cancer Awareness Month and what he believes is the real problem.

“Let me tell you how I feel about these pink ribbons,” said Steve. “I was watching the N.F.L. last week, and all the players were wearing pink. I don’t think they did anything to educate people about cancer prevention. I don’t think a pink ribbon does anything. What people need to know is that it’s the atrocious diet of Americans that’s responsible for all your cancer, all your heart disease, all your diabetes.”

Atrocious diet, indeed!

Let’s not forget when KFC launched Buckets for the Cure, a campaign to raise money for Breast Cancer research, the same week they introduced the Double Down sandwich, consisting of 2 deep-fried chicken filets, melted cheese and bacon strips. Um…cancer called; they want their sandwich back.

Wanna know more about how one’s diet is directly related to cancer? Check out The China Study and let T. Colin Campbell explain it to you!

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    High cholesterol levels in the blood mean you are at greater risk for a heart attack.

    High Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 ( ILGF-1) levels in the blood mean a higher risk for breast or prostate cancer.

    The highest dietary source of ILGF-1 is Cow’s milk ( raw or pasteurized ).

    You can read all about it in a book by a scientist who saved her own life after being diagnosed with breast cancer and reviewing the medical research for herself:


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