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Actor David Arquette is fronting a new ad campaign in the fight against Proposition 23 in California.

If passed, the ballot initiative would undermine CA’s position as a national clean energy leader as it seeks to overturn the state’s landmark Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. That legislation, otherwise known as AB 32, aims to reduce carbon emissions statewide to 1990 levels by the year 2020.

Prop 23 would essentially suspend those efforts until the unemployment rate, currently above 12 percent, reaches 5.5 percent or less for four consecutive quarters. The problem with that scenario is that it’s only occurred three times since California began maintaining those statistics 35 years ago. Can we afford to wait?

Check out the No On Prop 23 website here — and watch Arquette’s amusing video below.

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  • don miguelo

    Who’s idea was it to pit Unemployment numbers versus Cutting Carbon Emission numbers? They just assumed that California can’t focus on a green issue until it gets people back to work (at regular, dirty jobs)?!

    And 5.5 is ridiculous rate (nevermind for a year), especially in these times. They know that’s nigh-impossible, that’s why they made it like that.

    David Arquette is terrifying!

  • David

    Well it was probably when the Cutting Carbon Emission people claimed it would create jobs and alleviate unemployment.

    And yes I agree, 5.5% is ridiculous. They should have used a more realistic number and then they would have a much better chance of passage.