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While it’s probably common sense how ridiculously gross attempting to imitate Lady Gaga and her raw meat apparel is, some people may still be planning on taking a trip down to their local butcher shop next week to gather costume supplies.

For all that is decent in the world, don’t.

Sure, Halloween is all about the living dead, ghosts, and goblins, but it doesn’t mean you have to literally cover yourself in the raw flesh of some recently deceased animal. A new video from the Newark, N.J.-based Star-Ledger explains why this is a terrible idea. Especially when you consider this, according to one NJ butcher interviewed for the piece: “If it’s fresh meat you’re going to get blood, juice over everything you touch or sit on so it’s not very hygenic.”

Check out the video after the jump below.

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  • al12

    I am Lady Gaga’s hugest fan on earth yet I am a vegetarian and am well not too pleased with her dress, I would recommend that people don’t wear that for halloween, yet i am totally going out dressed as her. Gaga says she doesnt mean to offend anyone who’s vegan or vegetarian, though for one ellen looked disappointed when she saw it, secondly I am not personally offended, yet the baby calves whose mothers were killed for the dress would be however.

  • ela

    I know! I came up with an awesome plan though- Making it out of dyed cloth and red ruffle fabric. It looks really real in photos.
    I sold two of the ‘fabric’ ones and the girls really like them though. It’s at

  • Akidah Njuzu

    The sad thing is that someone is going to wear the real thing . . . sad

  • Jessica

    I was able to re create the infamous meat dress….with dog squeeky toys that looked like steaks pinned to my nude bodysuit and slip! I bought the white wig and the gaga shades, and was good to go…without a circle of flies surrounding me….