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Photo: Megan Blanchard

The Sea Shepherd officially announced their new replacement for the sunk Ady Gil at a fundraising benefit in the Hollywood Hills this evening — and Ecorazzi’s Megan Blanchard was on the scene interviewing celebrities and supporters. More on the evening later, but for now, here are some first (cell phone) shots of the new ship that will be joining the Bob Barker and the Steve Irwin during Operation No Compromise this coming December.

Anyone else think this thing looks like a Klingon ship from “Star Trek”?

[UPDATE: All signs currently point to this ship being the former “Ocean Adventurer 7” — a 115ft stabilized monohull twin diesel powered vessel launched in 1998 for the purpose of circumnavigating the world in less than 80 days. She did it in 74 days, 20 hours, 58 minutes; setting a Guinness World Record in the process. Ironically, that record would be shattered 10 years later by none other than the Earthrace; aka, the Ady Gil.]

[UPDATE 2: At the presentation, Sea Shepherd said that while they’ve secured the vessel, they’ve yet to fully pay for it. In addition, it does not have a name, but that any interested donors with deep pockets ($1m+) should certainly contact them. For now the ship is simply being called the “Interceptor”.]

[UPDATE 3: Video of the Ocean Adventurer (for charter trips) added below.]

[UPDATE 4: Paul Watson left a comment below saying, “Just a few details on the new vessel. We have not named the vessel yet because we are looking to sell naming rights. Although not paid for, the vessel has been secured. We just need to pay back the loan. The vessel will depart with the Bob Barker and the Steve Irwin with a completely refitted new engine and two propellers. It is larger than the Ady Gil, not as fast, but fast enough for our purposes, it is stronger, carries more crew, fuel and supplies and will suit our needs perfectly. We now have three ships, an upgraded helicopter, eighty crew, new equipment and I believe we will be more effective this year than last year, and last year was a very effective year. I was very tempted to name the vessel “Godzilla.” but we need a sponsor.”]

[UPDATE 5: Some higher-res photoshopped images (as suspected, the ship hasn’t been given the full SS color scheme yet) courtesy of Kadi Thingvall added below.]

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  • From MN, with hope…

    Uhhhh…. Wow… Looks big… Just. Wow. This thing truly looks like some sort of dream. Another trimaran too. Cool. Me like!

    • From MN, with hope…

      It appears that Sea Shepherd has bought the Ocean 7 Adventurer

      • Cricket

        It looks like Ocean 7 Adventurer, but this one has a wider stance than Adventurer. The sponsons on this one are further apart than Adventurer. Looks nice thought!

      • From MN, with hope…

        It would appear that way, but it’s probably just the angle.

      • boo radley

        Hot Hot Hot!!!!!!

  • Yosemite18


  • mike

    anyone know a name yet

    • Irwin Isidro

      its only called the interceptor for now.

  • SilveradoCyn

    This appears to be the boat in an earlier day…

  • brandon

    What an amazing looking vessel, looks like a fighter jet on the water. Simply beautiful. It’s like they cut off the rounded features of the ady gil and made a bigger meaner kind of monster.

  • Oceanwarrior

    batman returns :)

    • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

      i daresay this is more bat-boat than the Ady(R.I.P.)

    • Hufingraz

      The Ady Gil was the only Batboat. Batman wouldn’t be caught dead driving the Ocean Adventurer.

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        look at the batmobile, that thing was huge. i think he drives big when he wants to. or, really, when the movie buget allows.

  • Netherlands

    It is THE ocean adventurer 7. Looking great. Go Sea Shepherds!!!!!!

  • SilveradoCyn

    More Pictures and video as a Charter Boat.

  • Hart

    Sink the poachers~!

  • Irwin Isidro

    I wonder how they managed to get it in the water without people knowing the strange looking vessel. more likely at night time somewhere after midnight.

  • Irwin Isidro

    build a 100 more than they cant stop them.

  • daniel

    i think this is a really bad buy of the sea shepherd.

    it’s only half as fast as the ady gil whith is 24 knots where ady gil could do 50 knots

    • Chris H.

      I think that SSCS may have put in two newer, more powerful, Cummins turbo diesel engines. The 1997 originals were 350 hp each, but I’m sure that there are lighter, more powerful, options available these days.

      I’ve heard that the new interceptor will be capable of 35 knots. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • Philip

      True, but its cruising speed is 22knots, most ships ‘cruise’ at much slower speeds. I doubt a fragile boat would want to go any faster with all that ice around…

    • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

      ady gil didnt do 50, it did 40. this ones almost as fast and its still almost twice as fast as the japanese fleet. plus it looks like its better suited to antarctic conditions then the ady.

      • Brendan

        Joseph is right, even if its max speed(but im pretty sure they said 35knots) is 24 knots, its still well ahead of the Japanese fleet which if I recall correctly is right around 18 knots max. Plus I think this boat will be WAY more useful the Ady Gil was a great boat but it was limited by its small size. This boat will do more it seems like.

  • Angela

    it looks cool….but is it really practical?? I ask with serious curiosity :)

    • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

      well, it seems to do the ady’s job- fast, manuverable, while also having a steel hull so it will be more resistant to ice.

      • David

        What I have seen doesn’t agree that it is steel hulled. Do you have a source for that?

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        oops, i was wrong. apperntally its “glass sandwich” construction, whatever that means.

  • David Enrique Duprat

    What a effing joke. Earthrace / Ady Gil wanna-be. They are trying to ride the coattails of the previous ship…. trying to acquire a “cool ship” but this attempt is a comical joke and is quite laughable. EPIC FAIL

    • Hart

      That’s the dumbest thing you could have possibly typed.

    • David

      Exactly. This is the boat the Ady Gil/Earthrace was built to (and did) beat. So isn’t that a step back? And since they haven’t even finished paying for it, I doubt they have had the money to do any major modifications/upgrades.

      Range looks a little better than the Ady Gil but that will be at cruise speed. Just like the AD it will burn through fuel much faster when used at speed. So just like the AG (if it had survived), it will need frequent refueling. Meaning two boats going north of 60 degrees and out of the picture for days. Or the ‘interceptor’ returning to port every few weeks.

      But it is equipped for parasailing. So I guess they can have someone up acting as a look out.

      • Hufingraz

        yeah, I have to agree. The Ady Gil/Earthrace kicked this boat’s ass. The Ady was faster, more maneuverable and a much nicer looking boat. The Ady looked liked something out of a Batman movie. This boat looks like a crappier version of the Ady.
        It does seem like SS has taken 2 steps back instead of ahead.
        I also doubt SS has any money for upgrades, if they don’t even have the money to buy the boat yet.
        I do like the parasailing as a lookout idea though. lol…

      • George

        Don’t look like the Ady was THAT manuverable, gettin’ sliced in half and all.

      • Chris H.


        with a range of 3500 nm, it is unlikely that the new interceptor vessel will need to be refueled more than twice during the 3 month campaign. With the new engine, which is likely to be more fuel efficient, that range may be extended even further.

        One question: Do the Japanese whalers head north of 60 degrees S to refuel?

      • Cbrooks

        I fail to see how you are basing this boat’s possible effectiveness on it’s “cool” factor. While it (I agree) does not have the beautiful sleek looks of the Ady Gil I think that it will be more practical. It is bigger and stronger allowing it to be more resistant to ice and carry more fuel, crew, and provisions. It is not as fast as the Ady, but it is still faster (and probably more maneuverable) than even the Yushin’s. One big advantage I see the “Interceptor” having over the Ady Gil is it’s large back deck. I wouldn’t be to surprised if the converted that area to either be able to launch a zodiac (which paul stated he would like to do if a bigger version of the ady gil was ever built) or and area that could efficiently launch prop foulers and other projectiles. I think it will be a great addition to the SSCS fleet and I see this campaign being even more effective than last years.

  • sea shepherd supporter

    Since it has no name Sea Shepherd should name it Ocean Warrior II or Sea Shepherd III…

    • http://MadChickenProductions Mad Chicken

      Ocean Defender !!!!!!!

      • Fred

        There already was a Sea Shepherd III. It was renamed Ocean Warrior, then to Farley Mowat.

      • Annie

        It is SUPPOSED to be named the Ady Gil II, but Watson forget that …conveniently.

      • Chris H.


        I didn’t realize that you’d been named ‘Chair of the Naming Committee’… Congratulations!

      • Annie

        This remark has been removed due to a violation of our commenting policy. — Ecorazzi

  • herwin

    my eyeballs just popped out of their sockets..Seashepherds rocks big time and all best wishes for captain Paul Watson and his courageous crew.

  • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

    while for world records its a step back, thats not what sea shepherd got it for. the superior range and steel hull will be much more usful then a couple knots of speed. plus, the Bob Barker has enogh fuel capacity to stay down for the whole campaing, and presumably then some, so it will probally just refuel from the Barkerwhen it gets low. the steel hull will also help if the shonan thinks of trying anymore funny buissnes. it wont just get snapped off.

    • David

      Yes it can refuel from the Barker. But the SSCS contends refueling has to be north of 60 degrees. So the Barker and Interceptor will have to leave the fleet to get to a refueling location, then come to a stop to refuel. It could easily take a day or more for the Barker to get back to the fleet, just to repeat the whole ordeal again in a week or so.

      • Chris H.


        I can see that you have trouble “thinking outside the box”, so to speak.

        The BB and the new interceptor will be traveling down to the Southern Ocean together, and the interceptor will probably top up her tanks just before crossing south of the 60 degrees S latitude, giving her 3500 nautical miles of range from that point.

        3500 nautical miles of range should be good for over one month’s worth of obstructing illegal whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

        On a related note, what are you going to do for pocket money when the ICR/Kyodo Senpaku Company goes bankrupt? Will Glenn be able to find work for you denying the existence of climate change, or perhaps you could promote the idea of “clean coal”? Maybe Mitsubishi will hire Glenn to tell everybody that there’s lots of North Atlantic Bluefin tuna left, and that there’s no need for quota’s or a moratorium. Keep your chin up. I’m sure he’ll find something for you to do…

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        actually, theres a french reasearch base there on freindly terms with, and its legally french waters so they can transfer fuel there. also, the japanese have to stay away :)

      • David

        Joseph, you may want to look at a globe. That French base could be thousands of miles away depending on where the whaling fleet is. It really isn’t a practical solution.

        Plus, unless Paul has redefined the non-existent ban on refueling, he claims it covers the whole ATS meaning refueling near the French base would still be banned.

    • From MN, with hope…

      It doesn’t have a steel hull, it is listed to have a ‘glass sandwich’ hull.

      David, I’m pretty sure that rule about fueling lower than 60 degrees applies to ships using heavy oil, like the Nisshin Maru. I’ll have to check back into that though.

      • David

        Yeah you check on that for us.

        Since the rule only exists in Paul’s imagination (and people that believe him) I guess he can change it any way he wants.

        But if I remember correctly from last season the story he ultimately told was that the Ady Gil and Steve Irwin were going to meet north of 60 degrees to refuel the Ady Gil. So unless you believe the Ady Gil was using heavy oil, then at least last January the SSCS contended that it applied to all refueling.

      • sea shepherd supporter

        I think your right on that… but that doesn’t take effect until July 2011.

        (according to wikipedia)

  • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

    also, question for ecorazzi, why does the add for “clean” COAL that i have to click through keep coming up everytime i go on this page? everyone knows its a lie, and oxymoronic at that.

  • John Taylor

    While I’ll allow that it’s snazzy, I wonder what SSCS does with all the money they get. In 2008 they received 10 million in donations. They’ve certainly received far more than that since, with Whale Wars (payment as well as increased donations.) “Admiral” Watson (who is starting to bear a startling resemblance to Sally Struthers when asking for money,) is eating his way through it, or ?

    I’m all for what SSCS is supposedly doing, and fully support those unpaid volunteers who serve as crew at their own expense. I’m even pretty good on most of their paid personnel. But there’s no sensible reason for this “Interceptor” vessel. It’s good for what, exactly? Can one throw more potato spuds at that speed? How about some serious firepower and the will to use it? I’m not talking about harming PEOPLE, but if you’re going protect your flock, you’d best have a stick that can put a hole in the wolf’s hull.

    This vessel looks cool. Steel hull or no, she’s still still no match for an icebreaker bow. Everyone’s getting excited about this because it’s Cool, but in a practical sense, what is it DOING besides sucking down a lot of fuel and copying the Ady Gil? Seriously, think about it. Millions of dollars, and it does WHAT, exactly? If you want to get somewhere faster, get a plane (or a chopper) — and they have one of those already. Its high time SSCS started doing something more bottom-line effective than just looking cool, disrespecting their mates, and getting airtime.

    I’ll support serious anti-whaling efforts, but it’s about time for “Admiral” Watson to step down from the throne.

    • Chris H.


      where did you get that information on SSCS 2008 donations? Can you provide a link to your source?

      According to the best information that I have found, you are off by a factor of 2.5.

    • Matt

      The point of having a fast vessel (this is what the Ady would’ve been used for had it survived a bit longer) is so that while the Bob Barker and Steve Irwin are pissing off the Nishin and blocking its slipway, this boat can actually keep up with the kill ships and block their harpoons (as well as pissing them off SS style). The SI and BB can’t keep up with the kill ships so you need a fast vessel to do this.

      And Paul Watson was quoted saying that their annual budget for this year is $8m, of which the Antarctic campaign will cost $4m.

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        plus it can slow down the nisshan so the Bob and Steve can do there thing.

  • kevin

    This ship looks more stable or am I wrong. I hope it can cloack like the Klingon Warship it looks like ;)

    Screw you wankers talking ’bout this ship aint fast enough btw it is!

    Set phasers to propfoul :)

    GO SSCS!

  • Cho cho ma

    I would not rely on Wiki for the speed information. I would like to point out on the website the Yushin Maru No. 2 for example has a top speed listed at 18.8 knots. Either way the new vessel will provide more living space for the crew. If you look at pictures of the interior vessel it will actually be more like the Cadillac of the fleet.

  • Samuel

    The Ocean Adventurer 7, or new interceptor, is not made of steel at all. It is listed as ‘glass sandwich’. This would be even less suitable for the expected conditions than the old Earthrace, which had to be reinforced with kevlar over its carbon fiber. I remain sceptical and think that this may be wishful thinking on someone’s part. The boat is for lease, not for sale. The article says that SSCS has merely secured the vessel, whatever that really means is anyone’s guess. “while they’ve secured the vessel, they’ve yet to fully pay for it.” Does this mean they put down a deposit on a charter? Downpayment on a purchase? Hard to imagine that anyone would rent a boat intended to go to the SO and interfere with whaling. No offense, but this doesn’t add up very well especially in light of what we came to learn about the whole Ady Gil situation. This time last year, we all thought that the AG was owned by SSCS and the Pete had sold the boat (and presumably been paid for it) We know now that neither of these were true. It looks like a cool, roomy boat, but it doesn’t address the same limitations that the AG had last year. It is a fragile construction compared to the ice and the steel of the ships it will oppose, and it is thirsty for fuel requiring refueling or return to port. Remember that it was a lack of fuel (because of failure to refuel when they had the chance), that left the AG vulnerable.

    • David

      Yeah IMO the refueling issue will be the major problem.

      People are saying the 3500 nm range is plenty, well the Ady Gil had a 3000 nm range and it had problems. Plus for both ships the range is based on the best fuel efficiency. When they start going fast, which is the supposed reason for their existence, the fuel usage goes way up.

      But lets use the 3500 nm range. What is the NM speed? About 15 knots. So 3500 nm divided by 15 knots is 233 hours. That means just following the NM with no speed runs, the ‘interceptor’ will need to refuel about every 10 days. Even 10 knots gives just over 14 days.

      Math is just so easy I wonder why there are so many people that can’t or won’t just think about the reality of the situation.

      • Chris H.


        your estimate of average speed is way too high…

        Try to remember that the stuff you see on “Whale Wars” is just the highlights.

        The Ady Gil went 18 days without refueling, and the AG had a smaller fuel tank and more powerful engines than the new interceptor.

    • Kit Graham

      Since they plan on overhauling/replacing the engines, giving it the SS paint scheme, and I assume other alterations to its structure, I would venture a guess they bought the boat or at the least, obtained a long time lease.
      The boat is bigger than the AG and as it WAS (before the proposed engine modifications), was respectfully close in speed. Heck, the increase cabin size would be a boon for the crew in any case.
      When Paul discussed the refueling on one of his interviews, it has something to do with the sanctuary and possible pollutants accidentally spilling.
      The boat is used as nothing more than an “irritating nuisance” to the whaling fleet, plus with its speed, it can search for the fleet much better than the SI or BB. If a collision occurred with it and the whaling vessels, it would meet the same fate as the AG. We all know that. As a chase ship, search ship, and a faster vessel to run interference with the fleet, it will do better than the AG due to its size.

  • Captain Paul Watson

    It was great having Ecorazzi at Our Night for the Oceans. Just a few details on the new vessel. We have not named the vessel yet because we are looking to sell naming rights. Although not paid for, the vessel has been secured. We just need to pay back the loan. The vessel will depart with the Bob Barker and the Steve Irwin with a completely refitted new engine and two propellers. It is larger than the Ady Gil, not as fast, but fast enough for our purposes, it is stronger, carries more crew, fuel and supplies and will suit our needs perfectly. We now have three ships, an upgraded helicopter, eighty crew, new equipment and I believe we will be more effective this year than last year, and last year was a very effective year. I was very tempted to name the vessel “Godzilla.” but we need a sponsor.

    The Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin campaign flag sold for $5,100 at our auction.

    Just over a month before departure to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

    • kevin

      I would love to believe you are mr watson :)

      • Chris H.


        Paul Watson often posts on this site. His identity has been confirmed several times by Micheal dEstries.

      • Annie

        How about the Ady Gil II…isn’t that what it is supposed to be named …PAUL???

    • Chris H.

      Congratulations on the new vessel Paul. It looks great, and I imagine that it will be very effective against the whalers in the SOWS.

      Best of luck for the upcoming campaign!

    • From MN, with hope…

      Best of luck Paul! When will Sea Shepherd debut it in a press release? O7A looks up to the task. Will it be acting as another stealth boat? Overall, you guys are more than ready for Operation No Compromise. Best wishes, best luck, and best hopes!

      • Imforthewhales

        I think you should call the new ship “George Orwell”…just to ram in the message.

    • Darius Fullmer

      I’m super excited to see the new ship! I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about the usefulness of the Ady Gil before the last campaign, but once we got down there I saw how pivotal having the speed advantage can be in naval confrontations, my perpective changed. I can’t wait to see what SSCS can accomplish with the new fleet this year!

    • Magda

      I’m holding out for “Godzilla”:) I am, as we speak,manifesting a million dollar donor that wants it to be named Godzilla! Godspeed on your campaign Captain!

    • Arnie

      I will be torturing and killing puppies and kittens as long as the SSCS is in the Antartic interfering with whaling.

      • Chris H.

        I get the feeling that you’d be doing that regardless of whether the SSCS is in the Southern Ocean or not…

      • Arnie

        No. I don’t even like doing it. Wish I didn’t have to.

      • Chris H.

        You don’t “have to”, it’s your choice (regardless of what those voices in your head say…).

      • arnie

        No, it’s Paul Watson’s choice. And those who support him, like Bob Barker.

      • Chris H.

        It has nothing to do with Paul Watson, or Bob Barker, and if you do actually commit the acts that you’ve described, and get caught, your excuses will carry absolutely no weight in court.

      • Arnie

        Watson and Barker could stop the torturing and killing of animals but maybe their anti-whaling farce/tv show is more important to them. Oh, and where I live what I am doing is nice and legal. So no worries about getting caught.

      • Chris H.

        You sound like a wonderful human being… Your parents must be proud.

      • Arnie

        My goal is to help people targeted by the violence, extremism, and lies of Paul Watson and his financial enablers like Bob Barker. I don’t care about your criticism. I’m a doer.
        Please help these animals. Many of them suffered a lot last year even though I let SSCS know what they had to do to help them. Seems like they don’t care because they make so much money from their anti-whaling farce. You can help. Write to the SSCS, Paul Watson and Bob Barker and let them know what they have to do. Tell Watson and the SSCS you’re not going to send them any more money until they do the right thing.

      • Chris H.

        So, let me get this straight…

        You’re torturing and killing cats and dogs because you don’t want SSCS to interfere with Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

        And you’re asking for our help…

        Hmmmm… Okay, just send me your name and address and I’ll make sure that you get the “help” that you need.

      • georgina

        Arnie, what does Watson have to do with you torturing animals?

        From what i read you torture animals because you like to do it. How come you chose to put the blame of what you do on Watson and SSCS and not on other animal welfare organizations?

      • Miranda

        This remark is a violation of our commenting policy and has been removed. — Ecorazzi

      • Miranda

        This remark is a violation of our commenting policy and has been removed. — Ecorazzi

    • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

      “Godzilla” oh man, that would be awsome!. maybe have an inflatable version of its namesake on top in calm weather.

  • IWC

    I wonder if this one will sink any faster when it’s nose gets knocked off when the incompetent pilot launches it out in front of the Japanese ship?

    • Imforthewhales

      As long s the Japanese dont become a navigational hazard once more, things should be fine…or are you really saying the japanese whalers are just a bunch of retarded & dangerous psychopaths?

      • Chris H.

        Yeah, I think that’s what he’s saying…

      • Sidewinder

        Didnt think it would take long for the pro-whaling lobby to start their usual and predictable rants…

    • From MN, with hope…

      If the whalers don’t ram it, and stay away from it, then it should be fine. It was obvious to everybody, especially neutral parties, that the SM2 turned to hit the Ady Gil. That little jump made by the guy who WASN’T the captain/skipper/pilot is negligible in the big picture. The SM2 was the aggressor.

  • Hart Noecker

    The Klingon reference is muy appropriate.

    • Hank Ahab Melville

      Noecker, I’ve missed you. ;-)

      Watson, you are a compulsive liar and a psychopath. You’re going to get someone killed.

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        he hasnt yet and he been doing this what? fourty years? pretty good track record.

  • Lisa

    Wow! The Japanese will be shaking in their rubber boots when they see this baby comin’ at ‘em! Most excellent, can’t wait for the next season of Whale Wars!

    • David

      Yes just like they were with the Ady Gil.

      Oh wait the Ady Gil had no effect on the whaling and ended badly.

      • From MN, with hope…

        It had no effect because the SM2 rammed it, and sank it once the whalers allegedly saw it’s potential to ruin them. The Ady Gil had plenty of potential to ruin the whalers, but it was struck down too early to make a good call on it.

      • From MN, with hope…

        … plus it helped bring the issue to more people, considering the ships past, bring in more support for Sea Shepherd, and showed to what extent the whalers would go. Indirectly, it has been pretty effective.

  • dave

    i also believe butthead pete bethune was at fault for causing the ady gil’s sinking. this guy is a showboating fake animal rights, pretending-to-be-vegan douchebag. he carried weapons on the gil. he needs to leave sea shepherd.paul watson , on the other hand is for real…

  • Chris H.

    Wow, it looks like Ginza Glenn has unleashed all his flying monkeys for this story!

    That’s good for ecorazzi… The more hits, the better.

    • Imforthewhales

      More flying monkeys = more money down the drain for the Ginza Glen/ ICR mob. just by posting on here, we are costing the whalers money!

      • Sidewinder

        Yeah Himatake / Hiroyaki etc etc will be madly posting before you know it.

  • DuncanMC42

    Fabulous lookng craft and totally agree with someone’s idea that it looks like a Klingon warship. I therefore suggest a name in keeping with that look: “Kaplah” which (so they say) is Klingon for “Success!”

  • Matthew Williams

    Sadly due to Pete Bethunes arguments with Sea Shepherd whikst he is probably the ideal person to have captained this boat he will probably be out of the running now… which is a damn shame.

    • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

      well, judging by the outcome of his last captiancy, not so much. it was the shonan’s fault of coruse, but honestally, theres a little thing called “tempting fate”. you dont stop near hostile ships if you can help it, and if you cant, you dont go mocking them! specailly in a carbon-fiber boat.

  • samuel

    What is the real deal, Mr Watson. On Saturday night, and again here in these comments on Sunday, you said that SS has “secured” the Ocean Adventurer; just needed to pay off a loan or something to that effect. Now your own website characterizes the unveiling on Saturday as “…on Saturday night we shared with supporters our desire to add the Ocean Adventurer to our fleet…”
    ‘Our desire to add’ seems to be quite a step back from ‘we have secured’ don’t you think? From the time the AG was sunk in January, donations have poured in to replace the AG. Don’t you have enough yet? Your website says, “Our only challenge now is to raise the funds for the Ocean Adventurer.” What about all the money collected for replacement of the AG so far? Do you have to give that up to Ady, who owned the boat that was destroyed?

    • Captain Paul Watson

      I will try and make this clear and I’ll try and make it simple so there will be no cause for misunderstanding. The new vessel will be participating in Operation No Compromise under the command of Captain Lockart McLean. The vessel has been secured meaning, it is in our control. Have we raised enough money to pay for it? The answer is; not yet? Why? Because the total cost of Operation No Compromise will be around 4 million U.S. dollars and Sea Shepherd is a relatively small organization. This 4 million represents half the Sea Shepherd’s annual budget, leaving the rest for tuna in the med, sharks in the Galapagos, dolphins in Japan etc. Ship and equipment cost money – lots of money and we need to spend time fund raising by necessity. Thankfully our support base is growing steadily and we become stronger every year.

      In addition to the purchase price there is a $250K cost for new engines.

      The Ady Gil was not a Sea Shepherd vessel. It was owned by Ady Gil and captained by Pete Bethune. It was a partnership with Sea Shepherd BUT Sea Shepherd is not under any obligation legally to replace the Ady Gil or to rename this vessel the Ady Gil II. The responsibility for the Ady Gil was Pete Bethune’s alone. Sea Shepherd covered Bethune’s legal fees of close to half a million dollars. However Pete became a security risk to us when he made a deal with the Japanese to give testimony (including false statements) to the Japanese prosecutor. Bethune’s allegation that I ordered him to scuttle the Ady Gil are ridiculous because I never had any authority over him to give him any such orders and on Whale Wars I say quite clearly, “It’s Pete’s ship, it’s Pete’s call. Pete’s decision to scuttle the Ady Gil was the right decision because the Ady Gil could not be salvaged and presented a navigational hazard. Pete can be seen on camera making that decision. But it was his decision and not mine.

      Captain MacLean is a much more experienced ship’s officer than Pete Bethune and I trust him to ensure that his ship will not be damaged and his crew will not be hurt. Competence, resourcefulness, confidence and courage trump cowboy courage any day.

      Great and boastful talkers do the least, we see.
      – Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson

      Operation No Compromise will have three vessels and an upgraded helicopter (Hughes 500). We will have 80 volunteers from 16 different nations including Japan. I am confident that this will be our most effective campaign ever.

      The ships will depart from Australia on December 2nd.

      Now one final word. If you do not like what Sea Shepherd does or if you disagree with our tactics, our strategies, or our objectives, I need only say, it matters not. People are entitled to their opinions but opinions and criticisms mean very little to us. Our clients in this campaign are the whales, not people, and especially not those who oppose us or indulge in worthless criticism. Calling us names, insulting our character, denouncing our tactics are simply the prattling of individuals who neither contribute to nor cause damage to our activities, in other words it is the hum of insignificance in the background of our campaigns.

      And for those who support us, we express out thanks because it is your support that is translated into action and thus support and not criticism is the currency of our activities.

      The Night for the Oceans in Hollywood was a very successful event and we very much appreciate all those who have made us stronger with their attendance and contributions.

      • samuel

        Thanks for the response, Paul. I only wish you had been more clear last year so that there would have been no misunderstanding then. Last year, it was not made clear at all that the Ady Gil was NOT a Sea Shepherd boat. In fact you went to great lengths to make it appear that Ady had donated the money for the purchase of Earthrace to become a Sea Shepherd vessel. A partnership was not mentioned then. A bill was presented to the Captain of the SM2 for repayment of the lost AG; it was on Sea Shepherd letterhead and requested that payment be sent to SSCS at Friday Harbor. All gave the impression that you owned the boat. After the sinking, your organization asked for donations to replace the AG. If you were under no obligation to replace the AG, you surely gave the impression that you intended to do so. Don’t you owe donors honesty and transparency? A great deal of money was donated just for the purpose of replacing the AG.

        To be clear, so there is no misunderstanding; you are asking for donations for this new vessel, Ocean Adventurer. Will Sea Shepherd own it if it goes to the SO on Operation No Compromise? Or will donations to acquire the vessel go to another silent partner who will retain ownership of Ocean Adventurer and allow Sea Shepherd the use of the vessel?

        Honest questions are not worthless criticism. After the Bethune incident(s), credibility is stretched pretty thin.

      • David

        “Bethune’s allegation that I ordered him to scuttle the Ady Gil are ridiculous because I never had any authority over him to give him any such orders…”

        But your boating was towing the Ady Gil, so you did have every right to order whatever you decided about the Ady Gil and it was Peter Bethune who had no authority to tell you what to do with your boat.

        And we know you don’t care about or listen to your detractors. That is why you so often respond to them to tell them you don’t care about them or listen to them.

        “…especially not those who oppose us or indulge in worthless criticism.”

        It sure seems to get under your skin and cause you to use time and effort in refuting them. And I suppose your criticism of your detractors is worth something?

      • Chris H.


        did you really donate to the SSCS to replace the Ady Gil, or is this just the fake outrage of someone who has never supported SSCS?

        If you did actually donate to SSCS, please post your receipt number & date, so that your donation can be confirmed. Otherwise, your comments will be considered to be just the underhanded tactics of Ginza Glenn’s Flying Monkey Squad (GGFMS).

        Thanks in advance…

      • Captain Paul Watson

        The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society did not raise a great deal of money to replace the Ady Gil. And what we were raising money for was to acquire a third ship for the campaign – and whatever specific funds were donated for that purpose have gone to that objective for a total of $150,000 so far.

        As to what we owe donors, the answer to that is simple – we owe them results. We do not need to reveal our strategies and the workings of our tactics. We do not need to explain our decisions or the reasoning behind our decisions in the field. Our supporters invest in saving lives and damaging the profits of our opposition and we have delivered a return in spades on that investment and we will continue to do so.

        As to David’s comments that criticism gets under my skin, I can assure you it does not. I am merely trying to be informative and to correct some misinformation. Criticism really does not bother me. In fact why should it bother anyone? Doers do and non doers criticize. Nothing new about that so I would much prefer to be a doer than a critic.

        I think this quote from President Teddy Roosevelt best exemplifies the role of the critic;

        It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”

        “Citizenship in a Republic,”
        Speech at the Sorbonne, Paris, April 23, 1910

        Roosevelt also said the following:

        …the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic-the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done.” (1891)

        “Criticism can never take the place of action, or be even a poor substitute for it. The function of the mere critic is of very subordinate usefulness. It is the doer of deeds who actually counts in the battle for life, and not the man who looks on and says how the fight ought to be fought, without himself sharing the stress and the danger.” (1894)
        (end quote)

        As a student of history I well aware that nothing has ever been accomplished without detractors and the greater the accomplishment, the more animosity the achievements inspire. In fact the measure of one’s success can be observed in the level of anger and hostility that one’s actions arouse in others. In other words if we’re not pissing people off, we’re not doing our job.

        So in that regard critics do serve a purpose. They are an indicator of success, not in the content of their criticism but in the mere fact that the criticism is delivered and the more angry and hostile the criticism, the more it indicates success. If large numbers of people involved in the destruction of our oceans did not hate me for what I say and do, I would be terribly disappointed in myself.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Pretty sure the Roosevelts didn’t have in mind a deceptive, attention seeking and overweight misanthrope when they made those comments.

        I wonder if the Norwegian judge who convicted Paul Watson of a criminal offence in 1997 also classifies as an “irrelevant critic”?

      • Matt

        “Now one final word. If you do not like what Sea Shepherd does or if you disagree with our tactics, our strategies, or our objectives, I need only say, it matters not. People are entitled to their opinions but opinions and criticisms mean very little to us. ”

        Yes “Captain”, Right! You and SSCS care SO little about criticism, you had the forum on The Discovery Channel site shut down.

      • Chris H.


        I’m impressed that you can read the mind of a long dead president. Do you also do interpretive dance?

        Btw, were you refering to Glenn when you said “overwight misanthrope”?

        That’s not nice. Glenn isn’t overweight, he’s just got a healthy appetite…

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Quite right, it was a little silly of me to imply I could read the minds of deceased presidents. But just imagine how utterly moronic it would have been if I had claimed to have leapt upon a dying whale and stared into its eye and shared a tender moment of mutual understanding with the distressed beast as it thrashed around in the throes of death! How completely imbecilic that would have been. But worse still if people actually believed a word of it. Those people would be even more deluded and pathetic.

      • Chris H.


        I think that you need to go back and listen to that story again. You’ve got some important details wrong.

      • Annie

        This remark is a violation of our commenting policy and has been removed. — Ecorazzi

      • James Smith

        Love all these comments, considering that most of them seem to be the comments of those with nothing better to do. Personal I agree with Sea Shepard’s goals and ideas and wish the all the success the dream of. At the same time I do not agree with how they do it, but I am not in charge so it does not matter. I do know Salute Captain Watson for following his dreams. As to the Court Rulings everyone should realize that courts can be bought some are just harder to see. To everyone that may wish to comment on this be known I came here to see the pictures of the new ship and will not be back to see what anyone has to say. IF you really want to chew on me send me a message thru FB. :)

      • Chris H.


        I take it that you are “Norwegian Ann” that comments on David@Tokyo’s blog… Is that correct?

        Well, it’s nice to see that you are here to defend your friends (including Glenn, who plays the role of Kimitake…), and, of course, the whaling industry as a whole.

        When Paul Watson tells the story of the encounter with the Russian whaler and the pod of Sperm whales that occurred in 1975, he does not say that he “leapt onto the dying whale and stared in its [sic] eye”… He looked it in the eye alright (many people have looked into the eye of a whale and sensed the intelligence behind it, but it takes intelligence to recognize intelligence, so I doubt that you’ve ever had that experience yourself…), but it was as the dying whale was rising out of the water, after it had been hit with the Russian harpoon.

        I know that you guys (GGFMS) like to alter details, and distort meaning, in order to make the things you are paid to oppose seem ridiculous or naive, but most people out there in internetland see through those cheap tactics and recognize you for what you are. And what are you? You’re a mixed bag of paid industry shills, and disgruntled antisocial whiners, who do not consider the long term consequences of your actions. You insist on your right to destroy our shared global heritage and turn it into dog food. Well shame on you, you are the Judas of the modern age, and you will reap what you sow.

  • Chris H.

    Hey everybody, check out David’s blog (he needs the hits…)

    • Imforthewhales

      “I found out that I was wrong”

      Straight from the horses mouth!

      • Chris H.

        If you go back and read some of his early stuff, you’ll see him admit that he doesn’t even really like the taste of whale meat.

        It’s amazing how a few thousand yen will change a person’s opinions…

      • Bob

        Do you have a receipt number & date for the few thousand yen? Otherwise, your comments will be considered to be just the underhanded tactics of Paulies Ass Lickers Squad (AKA Paulies PALS).

      • Chris H.


        you’ll have to ask David if you want to see his pay stubs from Omeka. I’m under the impression that he doesn’t really want people to see them, but I could be wrong…

        Hey, if you can come up with a better theory as to why David has been ranting in support of pro-whaling for the past six years, when he doesn’t even like the taste of whale meat, then I’m all ears. Blind us with your insight maestro…

  • Josh Lamb

    Looks 10x better than the ady gil, larger, more handy, more durable, better captain.

  • David Blanchard

    Hello Captain Watson. It was great to meet you at A Los Angeles Night for the Oceans. My entire family admires you, and we can’t wait to be Cove Guardians next week. Without people like you, our oceans would be doomed. We have another word for critics; we call them “HATERS”, and they are pretty much losers! Some of these people on this blog sound so bitter. Maybe they should concentrate on something that makes them happy, unless they are the type of people who can only be happy criticizing others, i.e. HATERS!!! Get a life, Haters… GO CAPTAIN WATSON!!!!!!!!!

  • romika3

    Just a quick overview of whats out on the web regarding the most recent waste of donors money. “lets get the japs”, “the whalers will be shaking in their boots”, “the bat boat”, “what a cool boat”, “lets attack”,”those Jap motherf…ers are in trouble? now!”,”Support Sea Shepherd and help them kick some ass.”. Take a close look, its all about attacking people (the common fishermen. It is terror (terrorism). Four million dollars to be spent bobbing around in the southern ocean for a few weeks were most of the whales being harvested are not endangered. Only 1(one)fin whale taken in the southern ocean, 148 near Iceland!. Four million dollars can go a long way if it was used to do real reseach into the present whale population levels in the southern ocean. That’s real conservation not “conservation theatre”

    • georgina

      Hey Romika3, i have asked this question in the past and have received no response. Do you think you can?

      What is the point of doing research on dead whales? What are the results of the research and who are those results helping? Also, since you seem to know so much, why is it that research is not done on live specimens, why aren’t the Japanese tracking live pods of whales? Where do they want to go with their research?

      Can you help me out?

      Before anyone tells me to go check on older postings because the answers have already been given i have no time for that, i have an 8-5 job, and i am not a paid blogger. So romika…

      • romika3

        In my post I didn’t reference doing research on dead whales. I stated that 4 millions dollars would be better spent on research. For example, filling in some of the missing data (as pointed out a number of times on Ecorazzi) on whale populations in the southern ocean. It seems that an organization, such as the SSCS, who claims to be a conservation organization and are interested in whales and their welfare would perhaps contribute funds to fill in the baseline data deficiencies rather than wasting 4 million dollars of donors money running around performing for the cameras and pretending that they are some kind of warrior.

        Regarding research on the population dynamics of a species it involves both the study of both living and dead. Dead for analysis of stomach contents, tissues for heavy metals (although with large animals tissue cores can be taken) etc. In addition most of the research is focused on determining (in the case of whales) the population size, migration patterns etc. GPS and satellite tracking would be ideal technology for this. You know my beef against the SSCS, their methods that boarders on terrorism, the demonization of fishermen and culture and the hate they generate.

      • David

        Actually you have received the answer before. You just didn’t like it.

        There is data that can only be acquired by lethal methods, samples from specific organs for example. Even the IWC Scientific Committee agrees taht at present some data can only be acquired by lethal means.

        The Japanese do track live pods of whales. It is called SOWER and done in cooperation with the IWC. In fact it is the largest non-lethal whale research program currently in operation anywhere.

        And their main research goal is to determine the size of the whale populations, the age and size distribution and their reproductive rates. this data can then be used by the IWC to determine quotas. A secondary goal is to measure and track changes in concentrations of toxins in the various organs.

      • AnimuX

        Pro-whaling antagonists like to incorrectly insist that Japan’s so called “lethal research” is wanted and needed by the IWC for the management of whale stocks.

        From the IWC, a bit of both Commission and Scientific Committee in the quotes following:

        “there was considerable disagreement over the value of this research both within the Scientific Committee and the Commission. As in previous years, there was severe disagreement within the Committee regarding advice that should be provided on a number of issues, including: the relevance of the proposed research to management, appropriate sample sizes and applicability of alternate (non-lethal) research methods.”

        “In 2005 a Resolution was passed (30 votes to 27 votes with 1 abstention) that strongly urged the Government of Japan to withdraw its JARPA II proposal or to revise it so that any information needed to meet the stated objectives of the proposal is obtained using non-lethal means. Japan withdrew a proposed resolution in favour of the research programmes.”

        “In 2007 the Commission passed a Resolution asking Japan to refrain from issuing a permit for JARPA II by 40 votes in favour, 2 votes against and 1 abstention; 27 countries decided not to participate in the vote as they believed that the submission of the proposal was not conducive to building bridges within the Commission.”

        “There was considerable disagreement within the Committee over most aspects of this research programme, including objectives, methodology, likelihood of success and effect on stocks.”

        “In 2000, the Commission adopted a Resolution by majority strongly urging Japan to reconsider issuing the permit. It adopted a similar Resolution in 2001. A further Resolution was passed in 2003″

        “Concern was also expressed that with the sample size and methods proposed, it was unlikely that several of the objectives of the programme would be met, especially with respect to sperm whales. They commented that the ecosystem modelling approach was poorly developed and that the likely precision of any fisheries information (both past data and future) was poor.”

      • David

        Stop trying to change what I said AnimuX.

        I never said the IWC wants or needs the Japanese research. I said they agree that some of the data they collect can only be collected by lethal means, which is a fact. And that the IWC participates in Japan’s non-lethal SOWER research, which is also a fact.

        You are so good at cut and paste but seem to have a major problem with comprehension. Either that or you intentionally ‘misread’ what is written because you have no come back for the truth.

      • AnimuX

        Unfortunately, David, you are the one with the comprehension problem as well as every other supporter of the Japanese “research” whaling expeditions.

        The data that can supposedly only be gathered by lethal methods (like literal measurement of stomach content by gutting a whale or age determined by examining the ear drilled out of a whale’s head) is not wanted or needed.

        The IWC has repeatedly called upon Japan to STOP killing whales and participate in non-lethal study only.

        The idea that this data (that can supposedly only be gathered by lethal means) is “necessary” to anyone is pure propaganda. It’s simply another lie in the long history of Japan’s violations of quotas, species protections and other IWC established regulations.

      • David

        Just continuing to show that comprehension problem.

        Of course the Japanese research isn’t wanted or needed by most nations. Most nations aren’t interested in hunting whales. That doesn’t make it unnecessary.

        I believe that the US is interested on research on horse meat, since selling horse meat for human consumption is illegal. But in France where horse meat is legal to eat there would be interest in the research.

        Just because some people don’t have a need or desire for something doesn’t make it useless.

      • David

        Sorry, of course I meant the US isn’t interested in horse meat research.

      • georgina

        No David, i never read it before. Like i said i do not live on/of Ecorazzi.

        I would have guessed that by now they would be done enough whale killing for so-called research of stomach contents, wouldn’t you think?

      • David

        Sorry georgina, I thought you could at least read.

        “…samples from specific organs…”

        See the ‘s’ on the end of ‘organs’, that means more than one. So I guess they don’t just sample the stomach. Is that amazing?

  • Chris H.


    I can see why you are upset about people saying things like “what a cool boat”. That’s just plain nasty and there’s no reason for it.

    I’m glad to see that you are taking the high road, and would never attack anybody verbally, like referring to people as terrorists, or anything like that.

    Do you think that the reason that the Japanese whalers only managed to kill one Fin whale last season has anything to do with the SSCS interfering with their hunt, or did the whalers just decide to be nice to the Fins this time?

    One last thing: you do realize that whales are not fish, right?

    • Captain Sally

      Last thing first,whales are not fish allright,but pretty damn close by the looks of it .They taste better than any fish and a good chef can really make gastroheaven come down on us.
      I love intelligent food !

      The killing of 1 finwhale last year was a mishap,the whalers dont want the fin and the gunner mistook it for an other fish.

      That wannaberacingbatman boat wont stand a chanse against an purposebuilt whaler when it coms to ramming eachother ..and it will.
      Bat outta Hell ! Go whalers japs,Faroese,Norwegians !!

      • Cho cho ma

        I love how you are so ignorant as to use the word “Japs” for the people you defend. Its wrong when anti-whaling people use the term and its just funny when somone who is pro-Japanese whaling uses the term without the slightest idea about what they are really saying.

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        since when do they look like fish? tails are side ways, no dorsal or ventral fins for te most part, no gills, breath air, give birth, ect.

    • romika3

      Cho Cho, like the rest of the bunch you only read what you want to read only read what you want to read. These are a sample of the posts I collected on line.

    • romika3

      Chris H: Raiser of beef cattle. “One last thing: you do realize that whales are not fish” in a fishing culture the term “fisherman, fishermen, and fisherperson” is used in a broad context. For example lobster fishermen, crab fishermen etc.

      • Chris H.


        here are some new words for you:




        The use of the word “fisherperson” when used to describe someone who catches crabs or lobsters (which belong to the phylum arthropoda, and the class crustacea), or whales (phylum chordata, class mammalia) betrays an ignorance of the basic biological classification system.

        Oh, and btw, I don’t raise beef cattle.

      • romika3

        Chris H, Keeper of livestock. This is a good example of discussing an issue and the disconnect from the context of culture. All the supporters of the SSCS, their life experiences based on a dictionary and stilling in front of the computer reading the babblings of Paul Watson.

      • Chris H.

        @ romika3

        The cod fishery collapse was 18 years ago…

        I know it was part of the cultural heritage of Newfoundland for hundreds of years, but the reality of the situation is that the cod are gone, and it’s going to take many, many years for them to come back.

        It’s a pity that you didn’t learn anything about sustainability from that experience. If you had, you would be trying to encourage others to adopt sustainable practices instead of promoting more industrial/commercial exploitation of the oceans and their inhabitants. Unfortunately, it appears that when you see marine life, all you see is dollars and cents.

        Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

        It’s time that you started to look at the world with new eyes, and to move on from the short-sighted practices that led to the loss of the traditional cod fishing heritage of Nfld.

        There is a man who lives on the east coast who understands a lot about sustainability and conservation. His name is Dr. Boris Worm. He is a researcher and teaching professor at Dalhousie University in Halifax, N.S.. You might start by reading some of his research papers and books.

      • romika3

        And what are you trying to say? The discussion was on the use of the term “fisherman”. The use of the term has regional variations and meanings liked to the peoples cultural hertiage. Because the word crabber or lobstermen are not used in a certain area does not make the people barbarians. I am sure there are terms other than “cowboy” that are used to refer to people who raise cattle for a living. We know all about the state of the cod fishery. Our concerns are about the methods of terror utilized by the SSCS towards the common fisherperson etc etc.

      • Chris H.

        @ romika3

        What I’m saying is that your frustration and anger is rooted in the the loss of your “hertiage”, namely fishing for cod.

        The loss of the cod fishery was due to overfishing by the people of Nfld (I know, there were others, but you can’t deny your own involvement). An intelligent person would take a lesson learned from this experience and apply it to other similar situations. An unintelligent person would rush right out and make the same mistake again. Try to guess which category you fit into.

        The Newfie “fishermen” will “fish” out the lobsters (which have proliferated due the decline of the cod which is one of their predators). When the lobsters are gone, they will “fish” for sea urchins and starfish, and when the ecosystem finally collapses, they will look around, once again, for someone, or something else to blame.

        The very fact that you fail to recognize your wrongheadedness and stubbornness is a testament to, well…, your stubbornness.

        Your deep seated hatred for Paul Watson and the SSCS is, in fact, displaced anger at yourself and your culture for squandering one of the most prolific marine fisheries on the planet. You had it all and you wasted it, and now you want someone to blame.

      • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

        only ignorant people, some newspapers, and people defending the cruelty refer to them as “Fishermen”. they were called whalers when it was legal, crabbers is used interchagbly, mostly along the lines of what i said, sealers are rarely called fishermen, ect.

      • romika3

        Chris H, There is no hate only disagreement with the methods of the SSCS which is clearly not a conservation organization. Regarding lobsters can you please let me know the source of your data that states that the decline in Northern Cod Stocks have lead to an increase in lobster populations. Might the source be the same that states that an increase in seal population will lead to an increase in cod populations!!!! Regarding the lost of cod of you do some reading you will discover that until the extension to the 200 mile limit the majority of Newfoundland fishermen were inshore fishermen with the stocks being harvested by Europeans. Newfoundland only got into the offshore after that date (they should have not) because stocks were already depleted.

      • Chris H.


        the source of my data are several reports prepared for Fisheries and Oceans Canada (the “DFO”) by Dr. Ken Frank of the Bedford Institute of Oceanography at Dalhousie University in N.S..

        The DFO’s summary of the report (from their website) includes the following (note; the term “small crab” includes young lobsters):

        “The decimated cod stock ate fewer shrimp, small crab, herring, sand lance and the like, which became the dominant predators that ate more of the large zooplankton, which in turn declined (zooplankton includes cod eggs and larvae). This intensified predation works against cod recovery. The decrease in zooplankton eased predation on algal phytoplankton, which then increased. Phytoplankton now consumes more of the nitrates in seawater, which have fallen. In short, the changes from heavy commercial fishing cascaded right down to the level of primary production and nutrients.”


        “People in Atlantic Canada’s coastal fishing ports who have lived off cod for centuries are adapting, and today take larger than ever catches of valuable crab and shrimp. But Dr. Frank warns that is no guarantee of future abundance. He notes that intensive fishing down the food chain, at a lower trophic level, can be just as dangerous as depleting the top level.”

        Here’s a couple of links…

        First the DFO’s summary of Dr. Frank’s report:

        and Dr. Frank’s profile at Dalhousie University:

        There are many other references that indicate that a depletion of the cod population led to an increase in the lobster population. If you need help finding them, just let me know.

  • Todd Leonard

    Go Sea Hippies!

    • Sidewinder

      Very intelligent comment Todd, bravo

  • Morgaine

    “Anyone else think this thing looks like a Klingon ship from “Star Trek”?

    Well, remember, it was the Klingon ship they had to bring back to Earth in 1985 to … SAVE THE WHALES! (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

    So it’s kinda appropriate, eh? ;-)

    • MERLIN

      I think you are right on the money,Morgaine, VERY APPROPRIATE.

  • romika3

    If you really want something to chew on. In a recent discussion on the increased support of SSCS following the airing of Whale Wars and the sinking of the Ady Gil the focus was on the fact that the majority of new members were attracted by the protrayed “the cult of violence” rather than the cause and the “brand” of the tee shirt logo, as seen by our youth, is just that, the “pusedo” war or battle played out on the TV screen.

    • From MN, with hope…

      The youth is a group of uneducated, un-passionate slackers who don’t care about anything as long as it doesn’t impact them, with exceptions. The ‘cult of violence’ thing is a bit hazy to me, so if you could clear that up, that’d be great.

      • romika3

        “the cult of violence” refers to the methods employed by the SSCS that have attacted a certain audience. Many have joined SSCS, purchased and wear their clothing becuause of the link between the “brand” and “violence”.

      • From MN, with hope…

        Yeah, that is practically just copied and pasted form above.

    • Joseph DeMartino Jr.

      look, violence is always used to try and draw people into a product so animal planet really showcase them throwing stuff at the japanese at first. some people are always attracted to violence, and theres also things called “extremists”, eg average Muslims compared to al-quida. there worlds appart. dito for most sea shepherd suppporters and the nuts screaming “nuke the ******* ****, they deserve it!”

  • Miranda

    Chris H: Who are you? and, how do you read my mind? If only I could write what I am feeling as eloquently as you. Thank you. @Romika3…Please stop speaking…you don’t get it.sadly. I think you meant pseudo..not pusedo. That’s exactly the problem; you don’t think there is a war going on out there. “Cult of violence”? You do mean from the Canadian Seal Slaughterers, right? The Japanese “researchers”, right? I guess you have never had to protect anything in your life so you would not understand what the Sea Shepard and other organizations like them are compelled to do to feel human. Very sad.

    • Chris H.

      Hi Miranda,

      thanks. I do what I can.

      I have to say that I think you do a pretty good job of expressing your feelings too.

      Unfortunately, the animal exploitation industries can afford to employ a veritable army of bloggers and commenters who come to sites like this one and try to convince everyone that what their employers do is justified. Some of these “P2P” (paid to post) commenters are quite good at what they do, and they’re very persistent.

      Fortunately, most of the non-paid commenters are smart enough to see through the charade, and they also understand the inherent immorality of slaughtering animals whose populations are barely starting to recover after being decimated by previous generations of hunters. It is only the comments of people like you, and many of the other great people on this site, that keep the tidal wave of public relations BS from overwhelming public forums such as this. Keep up the good work!

      • romika3

        Chris H: What about the cattle you raise in confined areas, the in pens that to me is cruel. A seal has a far better life than a cow.

      • Chris H.


        as I have mentioned before, I don’t raise cattle (or any other livestock).

        For the record, I do agree that factory farming is cruel and inhumane.

        Whether a 3 week old baby seal has had a better life than a cow (depends how the cow is raised…), before it is brutally slaughtered for its skin, is debatable.

        There is lots of room for improvement in the ways that humans use other animals.

  • romika3

    “inherent immorality of slaughtering animals whose populations are barely starting to recover after being decimated by previous generations of hunters.’ There is a flaw here. The harp seal popoulation was never endangered, the minke whale population in the south ocean is not endangered. Why doesn’t the SSCS work to save populations that are endangered?? What about the six speices of seals that are on the endangered listed??? What about the fin whales harvested in Icland. Bottom line, an I have always said it SSCS selects issues that are safe, have the greatest potential to raise money and provided the greatest opportunity for media exposure.

  • herwin

    @ Romika3
    1. are you a David clone ?
    2. vegetables and fruits are “harvested”. Animals are “slaughtered” and “killed”. Not “harvested.”
    3. The yearly massive killing of young seals is indeed decimating their number so protecting them indeed is protecting a species from possible becoming endangered. Besides that, the international protests against the canadian seal massacre, comes from the fact that its a barbaric act, clubbing hunders of thousands young seals, often skinned alive, and all because the seals are blamed for falling fish populations, caused by the fishermen themselves. its human decency that cant look at such sensles and cruel slaughter of defendles animals.
    4. In my book you are a mentally sick person, you undoubtedly have seen the clubbing of young seals, and you could have read reports from independent vets who have examined skinnen animals and found that many were still conscious while skinned alive. You dont have to be an environmnetalist or a vegan to resent that, many ordinary people are shocked by it and show that they have decency inside of them. I hope sooner or later you also will belong to this category.

    • Master Mariner

      Where do your hamburger come from ? sausages? Ham ? beef ? fish ? chicken ? The superstoore ??
      They are animals too,like the whale and seal.
      How do they get killed ? told to lay down and die peasefully so we can eat them ?
      There have been extremely much more animal cruelty against cows,pigs,chicken,sheep,then against whales and seals.the number of them is a drop in the ocean compared to other species.
      It is because of the opportunity to get themselves exposed to media,selebreties,money,e.g that people like Paul Watson chooses to “fight” against whaling.
      Do you know how many pigs die under transport,in extremely poor conditions,cramped together,on top of each other,in extreme heat/cold,no food/water,not able to move,broken bones,injuries.Same with chichen`s cows .
      No one talks about them, why ?? They do not have cute eyes ??

      Open your eyes ! Face the reality !

  • romika3

    Herwin: For your information

    – Harp seal population 1997, 2.5 million, 2010 , 7.5 million
    – Harp seals now are requried to be shot
    – They are not skinned alive
    – In Canada they are harvested for skin, oil, and meat
    – On the East Coast of Canada the seal population may be having a impact on the recovery of the Northern cod.
    – What book did you write?

  • Master Mariner

    Open your eyes !! Paul Watson goal is only to be famous!
    He presents one lie after another ! Videos made to look good for him self.
    And that “crew” he have onboard his ships, i have never seen poorer sailors. No one of them have a clue about ships.
    I watch the Whale Wars series for amusement. Yuo should look for a long time to find funnier,more incompetent peole.
    I laugh all throgh the show.