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When reports first began surfacing about comedian Russell Brand and singer Katy Perry’s Indian wedding, everything seemed kosher. That is until we read about the noise pollution that may have violated rules of an “eco-sensitive” area in Ranthambore National Park — just miles from the ceremony location. Eco-sensitive area, you say? Ecorazzi’s on the case!

The complaints occurred shortly after the couple were married in the north Indian state of Rajasthanon on Saturday in what is being described as a traditional Hindu ceremony — complete with a Hindu priest, a specially designed mandap, and a traditional wedding scarf  to symbolize their united partnership.

While we were excited to learn that 40 of the 100 or so guests were staying at a super green desert camp, which featured an array of decked out exotic tents, we were disappointed that the duo may have violated state-mandated noise-pollution laws.

Sources claim that loud music was blaring from the resort till 2.30 am which is against the law because it disturbs the wild animals in the forest area.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has appointed a four-member committee, including District Collector Ravi Kumar, to follow-up on the alleged violation.

“The officials would submit their report as soon as they find some substantial input in this regard,” said Gehlot. “I had already appointed a four-member committee to check violation of rules in the eco-sensitive area and the members visited the venue yesterday.

“It was a private event and we have nothing to do with it but the resort will be penalized if they found guilty of violation of any rule,” he added.

Somehow we think the newly wed celebrity couple won’t have any trouble paying the fine.