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For anybody who doesn’t believe that celebrities have the power to create serious change, let this story prove you wrong!

The last 15 people living in a Bosnian refugee camp will now receive proper housing thanks to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. A recent visit by the famous Hollywood couple helped draw attention to the indigent refugees, causing the U.S. government to donate $500,000 for the construction of an apartment building.

Radomir Jovicic, mayor of the eastern Bosnian town of Rogatica, claims he had spent years lobbying for the refugees, but that it was the visit by Jolie and Pitt that ultimately caused the government to take action.

“I will tattoo her name here,” said camp resident Goran Markovic, 47. After the April visit, camp residents referred to Jolie as their “beauty.” Once they learned about the donation, however, she became “our saint,” said Markovic.

Although Jolie’s name does not appear in the contract for the new apartment building, residents are convinced that it was indeed her who helped solidify the deal.

We love it when celebs use their power for something awesome. Keep up the great work!

  • turthteller

    They were probably there knowing the plans for the apartment would soon be financed by the government. They had nothing to do with it but are happy to accept the glory.



  • whatever

    Now we know how they got their permit back to keep filming in Bosnia, just to think this never came out before. What perfect timing for AJ and BP. Bunch of losers.

  • Janice

    Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt are the best!
    What truthteller and luv u truth teller are spreading here is totally conjecture…totally false… This couple is the most generous couple in Hollywood…They way they have improved America’s image in the east is worth mentioning…And the amount of money they give in charity is unmatched…At least they do their bit… Hats off to Brangelina and may the poop of a thousand elephants drop on their haters!yay!